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Thursday, December 29, 2005 

A Whole New World

It is really a whole new world in the Egyptian cabinet as 11 new ministers are appointed in the new government. Yet, it still is a world where odds and strangeness prevail. A closer look at the whole new world of those who gonna rule Egypt for I don't know how long tells what's more funny than a thousand jokes. Ahmed El Maghraby, the ex-minister of Tourism, is now the minister of Housing!!!... I guess El Maghraby is searching for a suitable ministry for him!
Awad Tag el Din, the best minister in the resigned government, has been kicked out of the new Cabinet. As if there is no place for people who work hard in the Cabinet that is going to carry out the so-called Mubarak's election's programs and promises. One more evidence that the NDP are applying the rule "Survival is for the worst" is that the worst 3 ministers in the old Cabinet line-up survived the change!
Habib El Adly, the genius that knows well how to beat and arrest protestors while terrorists are attacking Egyptian targets. I believe Sharm's events are enough to show how this guy is but a great failure that is just so experienced in letting officers break the law and torture detainees to death. Then comes Ahmed Shafik, the minister who defies the law and insists on not carrying out a court verdict that urges him to bring Cpt. Ali Murrad of EgyptAir to his position. Shafik disrespects the law, thus, he is a minister. Finally there is Farouk Hosni, the one who manipulates the ministry of Culture as if it was his property. Nevertheless, I know why Hosni is still there in his position... Didn't he participate in the Beni Suef dramatic accident in which we lost tens of talents because of the negligence spreading in the Hosni ministy.
Now what makes it a whole new world made up of odds and mysteries is that all the key ministers in the old cabinet hold their positions except for Mofid Shehab who is appointed to be a minister, and they are still searching for a ministry for him!!!

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