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Friday, December 30, 2005 

Al Adly celebrates maintained position on dead bodies!

"Thousands of police stormed the camp, set up near United Nations offices in September, wielding truncheons and firing water cannon at the protesters." BBC News

I think it has never been such a delightful celebration for Minister of Interior Security El Adly aka THE UNTOUCHABLE as police raided the Sudanese refugees on Friday. The police raid left behind 30 dead refugees and tens wounded. Such an actions tells well about the man who has just maintained his position in the new cabinet line-up.

I wonder if El Adly really has an entry to the word "human" in his dictionary, that's if he has one. The Sudanese have been protesting for months in the park against the UNHCR in Cairo as their request to be left out of Egypt has been denied. I think the government could have played a role in reaching a compromise between the refugees and the UNHCR. Such a peaceful and rightful intervention by the government could have saved our reputation, that is already deteriorating after the elections, and the lives of more than 30 innocent miserable people.

Moreover, even when the police resort to violence they do it chaotically. Not only have the police ignored the very bad condition the refugees suffering from, but also used excessive violence to force them out of the park. There are a thousand less violent more effective methods that could have been used to force the protestors out of the park. Yet, even "professionalism" does not exist in the minister's dictionary.

Seems to me that the National Democratic Party (NDP) of Mubarak kept El Adly in the new cabinet line-up as a "thank you" after his police forces killed and injured civilians to keep them off the polling stations during the last legislative elections. A "thank you" that El Adly celebrated on Friday over dead bodies.

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