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Sunday, February 12, 2006 

Are we ready for a new Bin Laden?

Al-Arabiya announced today that the CIA is offering a 5-million-dollar award to anyone who gives information that directly lead to the head of "Africa's Bin Laden"!!!!

Africa's Bin Laden is said to be the head of Al Qaeda's branch in East Africa and the mastermind of the attacks on the US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998. The Pro-US strategic news site Strategy Page was the first to announce news about this Africa's Bin Laden. The site says Africa's Bin Laden is called Haroon Fadel while his real name is (Fadel Abdul-Allah Mohammed) nicknamed Abu Sayf Al Sudani. It was reported that he was born in Comoro Islands and he has full control over Al-Qaeda's branches in Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Tanzania and Yemen.

Actually the existence of such a guy brings to my mind questions about whether the US was successful in cutting Al Qaeda ties in Africa. It even makes me think if this new Africa's Bin Laden has anything to do with the escape of 13 Al Qaeda members from Yemeni prison.

I believe if news about this new Bin Laden are true and that he has control over Al Qaeda branches in East Africa and Yemen, it is possible that this guy has to do with escape of the 13 Al Qaeda members. A possibility which leaves me with a though that Al Qaeda is rallying its ranks and preparing attacks on European or American institutions in Africa.

In the last messages from Bin Laden and Al-Zawahiri on Al-Jazeera TV they proposed a truce with the US, which in fact indicates that they are starting to feel the danger is so close to them. Moreover, implied warnings on more attacks to come if the US government does not accept the offer. I think now it makes sense if this new Bin Laden is there, and has to do with the escape of 13 Al Qaeda members, the new target is Africa to give the world the impression that Al Qaeda is still alive and kicking. All these are mere possibilities that occupied my mind but they leave us with a question: Is the world ready to deal with a new Bin Laden???

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