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Friday, February 10, 2006 

Unknown Palestinian gunmen kidnap Egyptian diplomat! (Scenarios)

An Egyptian diplomat has been abducted by Palestinian gunmen in Gaza City, reports say.

According to the reports, the diplomat was on his way to his office when masked gunmen surrounded his car and forced him into another vehicle. BBC News
Here are my thoughts about it!

Keys: PGM = Palestinian Gunman, AHPGM = Against-Hamas Palestinian Gunman (anyone opposing Hamas).

Scenario #1:
PGM1: Hey brother, sounds like people are starting to weigh us down.
PGM2: Yeah, I have noticed this too. What shall we do?
PGM1: We should tell the world that extremists are still alive...
PGM2: Yeah!
PGM1: They should know we are tough...
PGM2: Yeah!
PGM1: We should show off some power...
PGM1: To show our enemies that we are so tough, we will kidnap our allies, so that they know it once and for all that we will not have mercy to anyone..
PGM2: Is it like shooting yourself in the head to see if it gonna hurt?
PGM1: Exactly!
YOU ARE A GENIUS, although you are an extremist. Tell me, how can you be a genius and an extremist at the same time?

Scenario #2:
AHPGM1: Hamas has won the elections.... :(
AHPGM2: Yeah, we are now out of power.
AHPGM1: I thought you gonna say something new, logically we are out of power as they won the elections... :S
AHPGM2: Logically???? Since when you started to use logic??? (with a very suspicious look)
AHPGM1: After we were thrown out of power, brother. Do not worry!... Logic, my ass... I do not buy it.
AHPGM2: And guess what, they are roaming Arab countries to consult our Arab allies and gain support.
AHPGM1: Old news, pal.
AHPGM2: Yeah... I knew if this idiot opens the way to democracy we will lose. People know how much money we stole of the aid...
AHPGM1: (interrupting) HUSSSH, may be this damn Jimmy's Corner blogger is listening.
AHPGM2: Screw him, he is calling for debate and dialogue and understanding, my ass!
AHPGM1: What's wrong with your ass?
AHPGM2: Nothing... We should do something to screw this Hamas tour.
AHPGM1: What shall we do?
AHPGM2: How shall I know, think with me...
AHPGM1: You know I stopped thinking after we came out of power.
AHPGM2: DAMN, I got an idea...
AHPGM1: What's that...
AHPGM2: Egyptians, those people who defend the people all the time, Hamas is there now discussing things with their government...
AHPGM1: Yeah, damn Egyptians are training our police forces to impose more security in Gaza.
AHPGM2: (almost crying in joy)Yeah... Hey, here is the idea... Kidnap their diplomat, put Hamas in hot spot, and training should be delayed so that we can have some fun and some stupid demands to propose.
AHPGM1: YEAHHH, this is a great idea...
AHPGM2: (whispering) But no one should know, got me?
AHPGM1: Then why did you cry in joy sounding our plot???
AHPGM2: perplexed :S!

Whispers: This is all out of my imagination, I don't think I need to say how angry I am. Egypt has been aiding the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian PEOPLE in order to help them live in peace which they all want. But sounds like others do not want to live in peace. Extremism is attacking everyone indiscriminately, so... say it loud:

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