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Monday, February 06, 2006 

Stimulating the situation!

This morning my brother came home after school and went directly to my room to hand me a sheet of paper that was handed to him in the street or by some neighbour I think. The sheet of paper photocopied an article dated that way:

Al Masry Al Youm Newspaper (Egyptian Today Newspaper)
Issue No. 599, Thursday 2/2/2006

One of the leaders of Danish Muslims:
Jyllands-Posten did not apologize and it's Arabic message was published on its website for 50 minutes only! (that was the headline)
Jyllands-Posten is playing tricks on Muslims... The Grand Imam of Al Azhar made no mistake (says the subhead)

These were the headlines of the article on the somewhat independent newspaper. What's really funny is that what came in the headlines in contradicted with the body of the article. Let me first show you at first the lie:

This is the website of the Jyllands-Posten on 6/2/2006 with the apology in Danish, English and Arabic placed even before the headlines. As for the contradictions, the body of the article mentioned nothing about what came in the headline, it even quoted the Danish Muslims speaker saying that the parliament in Denmark criticized the PM there because he did not handle the problem well and did not apologize immediately to the Danish Muslims which caused the problem to get out of control. And even quoted him saying that violence is never accepted and most of the Danish people are against the cartoons.

The question is why using headlines that contradict the body of the article? Is it meant for materialistic profit? Or is it just a way of increasing sales by playing on people's feelings and emotions? I believe our Arab media should take a better role in emphasizing the importance of debate, and newspapers should start to present some articles about the true situation in Denmark putting aside any other considerations.

Now on the back of the sheet of paper that was handed to my brother, there was instructions printed on how Muslims should boycott the Danish products... It is ringing bells that our governments and media should now work on starting a debate and increasing the people's awareness of what's really going on. Otherwise, things would reach a limit to be regretted.

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