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Thursday, February 02, 2006 

NASA's heroes and the Egyptian tragedy!

In January 28, 1986 millions witnessed the tragedy of the Challenger space shuttle. The disaster that caused the death of seven astronauts and scientists whose main aim was the scientific progress of their people and humanity. I believe they are the real heroes in our world, those who lose their lives out of battlefields not fighting to kill their fellow human beings but fighting the forces of nature to explore the unknown seeking the progress of the human race. The world needs more of those who are willing to know and reach the truth, those who are ready to explore and accept the other, in order to achieve peace for mankind, for humanity. I wonder how many soldiers lost their lives in wars (whether fighting for a cause or for the greed of their politicians) and now forgotten and unremembered? But scientists and researchers who lose their lives for the sake of humanity live eternally in the minds of people.

Moments ago I was watching “El Beit Beitak” (Egyptian popular talk show whose name means “Make yourself home”). The last part of the show there was an interview with Essam Haggi, who is an Egyptian young scientist who works in NASA on the space shuttle Spirit. Prof. Haggi spoke freely about his work in NASA and said that he is working in a team that used certain radar technology and discovered water under the surface of Mars. The new technology was first tested in the Egyptian Western Desert. Talking about the Egyptian scientists and why they do not participate in the country’s scientific progress, Prof. Haggi said “Almost all of the Egyptian scientists who live and do successful work abroad were first given the sack from their posts in Egypt”. Moreover, he added “most of the researchers in Egypt have duties which is to supervise students taking exams, what does supervising exams have to do with research work?”. Then, Prof. Haggi touched a very important fact that “two thirds of the population in Egyptian are people whose age is under 30 years old”.

Prof. Essam Haggi in his office in NASA

This interview just brings up the questions: when will the government try to make the best use of this human power in its population? I wonder how many people that are just like Professor Essam living with their brains becoming rusty with great thoughts and inventions? When will our government believe that it is science that builds up a nation not aids or talks?

Solution is easy: “Stop imposing ready made solutions and ask the young people how they believe they should be educated” Prof. Essam Haggi.

I dream of the day I see Egyptian astronauts and scientists joining scientists from all over the world working for the sole noble purpose of the welfare and prosperity of mankind. I dream of the day when we have the likes of Prof. Ahmed Zuwail, Prof. Farouk el Baz and Prof. Essam Haggi working in Egypt for the progress and welfare of this nation whose power is manifested in its population. I dream of the day when Mr. Mubarak thanks God for having two thirds of his people as creative young men, not considering it as a curse on Egypt.

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