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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Thoughts regarding the last blog!

To those who say no money for the Palestinians...

Why not being somewhat cunning more than rushing?? It is not a fight in a bar or a disagreement over who chose whom and who should pay. I believe, as long as the Palestinian people chose their representatives freely and in a democratic way they should not be punished for electing the people the world doesn't like. Otherwise the UN, EU, US and donors will fall under the doubt (umm, okay keep it as a doubt for now) of double standards. That's to say, the US and Israel did not deal with Arafat because he was not applying democracy, and now after democracy is applied you are punishing the people for picking what is thought to be a wrong choice???!! I believe this could have a very dangerous impact on the Palestinians. What kinda impact? Read this...
Ramallah - Nearly three-quarters of Palestinians want the newly-elected Hamas movement to drop its call for the destruction of Israel, according to an opinion poll released on Monday.

The survey by the Ramallah-based Near East Consulting institute also found that 84% of those surveyed in the West Bank and Gaza Strip want a peace agreement with Israel while 86% want the moderate Palestinian Authority president Mahmud Abbas to remain in his post.

Rather than indicate backing for Hamas's hard-line tactics, the survey found that a total of 73% of respondents believe Hamas should "change its position on the elimination of the state of Israel".

Not only did an overall 84% support a peace agreement with Israel, but 77% of Hamas voters also wanted a settlement. New24.com

Well these people want peace after they celebrated what they called democratic wedding. If you punish them for choosing the ones they want things might change to the worst. But terrorists should not be funded, right?

Well, just do what it takes to win Hamas into the political stream. Funding is one big card in the hands of donors and Hamas needs it. Moreover, there are more cards to use if we look at the role of the Arab governments and EU. If these cards are used to press on Hamas to meet certain criteria that enables it to start real-world negotiations, they will surly have great effect in the positive way. I say I have noticed there are gradual changes in Hamas' political speech, day after day there is a change if u compare what they used to say before the elections. This is ominous since if Hamas is won into the peaceful political stream, a great bloc of the Palestinian voters who already want peace are won too.

One more thing to add, one of the main reasons Fatah lost the elections was that the Palestinians had in mind the corruption of the Fatah leaders and were asking where the money that is received from donors goes. Thus, the Palestinians expect Hamas to do better, and surly when Hamas gets the money they will be in a situation where u can't envy them...
  1. They have to spend the money for the welfare of the Palestinian wretched people in order to prove that they are not corrupt like their predecessors.
  2. They will have to abide by all their responsibilities towards the world (remember that they will get the money when they fulfill certain criteria).

Sounds like a bargain?

Hey Jimmy,

Your suggestions are very good. In fact, so good, that is what everyone is going to do. You know everyone has to talk the talk and get on record (in the media) saying what they think everyone wants to hear. In the next few months, discussions will take place that no one will hear or report about. That is where the deals will be made. Back channel money will flow into the PA, with oversight, so that it isn't spent on weapons(that will force them to use the money they get from Iran and Saudi Arabia for weapons), but goes to the needs of the poor people.

But still, certain public changes as far as their attitude toward Israel will have to happen. Just changing a few words will get them some more money from the pussies in the EU. Actually, the EU is so stupid they would give money to Hitler if he was still alive and killing Jews by the thousands.

Europe will be the slaves of Islam and the headquarters of terrorists in the next twenty years.

Good Post Jimmy.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Papa Ray, if you think the EU is soo stupid that it gonna give the PA the money just because they changed your words. It will be even more stupid of the US if it gives zilions of dollars to Israel when they elect a right-wing government that doesnt accept the "roadmap". Moreover, those people ruling in the EU are no idiots and they know very well how to use money as a card to press on Hamas to take ACTUAL MOVES towards peace, not just words as u believe.

Silly hint: If you want people to choose your democracy then u got no democracy as u impose on them what you want not what they want.

As for your claims and words about Islam... You gonna read a post replying to that.

If accurate, the poll tells us two things:

1) we have some genuine hope- most Palestinians are realists.

2) At least 11% of Palestinians want a peace deal with Israel but don't want Hamas to drop its terrorist charter, and therefore are unclear on the concept of "peace".

Anonymous, if you want to stop the peace process because 11% of the Palestinians might not want peace, this means u are going against the very logical idea that the majority rules. The great majority want peace, and the great majority want Hamas to change its position. This majority matter the most, not the 11%.

The problem with democracy is that, even if the process is done perfectly honestly, and it rarely is, people can get voted in that don't fit other countries' ideas of who "should" be in power; still, if you support democracy, you MUST accept the outcome of an election that isn't overtly corrupt, or you're a hypocrite.

However, none of that changes the fact that no country has a "right" to handouts from America or any other source; whoever holds the $ has every right to pick and choose who to give it to, and to base the choice on any criteria they wish. It's ridiculous for any country to assume they can act any way they want and still get handouts; the down side of having the right to make your own choices at the voting booth is that you must also take the responsibility for the consequences of your choices, including loss of funds.

(who's Omni?)

Hey Omni, I agree with the very first part of your comment but I disagree with the last one. The point about the last part of your comment is that there is a difference between how things go in our everyday life and how they actually are on the political arena.

I mean the donors (who are not only the US) are great unions or countries that have certain obligations towards certain causes. As the saying goes "with great power comes great responsibility". Thus it is not an available choice for these countries and powers to just give up their obligations. One of the oblications I am talking about is helping the Palestinians and Israelis to get to find peace and achieve it. The US has already taken the obligation of giving the Palestinians money as financial help to grow till the conflict is setteled. Now the Palestinians chose Hamas to represent them after suffering under the corruption of Fatah. Hamas do not meet certain criteria? then use ur obligations to press on them to reach the criteria needed to start negotiations. You win Hamas, you win the Palestinains who are in need of peace as polls say. NO one is hurt.

Keep in mind that any $ America gives to other nations doesn't fall out of the sky; it comes from the pockets of the American taxpayers, many of whom can't afford to pay as much as they do. Keep in mind also that many Americans are needy, and every penny that goes to foreign nations is a penny that could have fed a hungry American child.

A wealthy country DOES have the moral obligation to give SOME help to other countries, but does NOT have the obligation to help every country all the time no matter what they're doing; that's not only unfair, it's foolish, and makes the American people less eager to help, when the gifts that we sacrifice to send are replied to with demands rather than gratitude.

And finally, remember that all American politicians are elected, and need to take whatever actions will get them RE-elected... and the American people will NOT vote for anyone who wants to send $ to terrorists.

There's nothing whatsoever that America can do to help the Palestinian/Israeli situation, by the way; there's just no solution to that one, unless one side totally destroys the other... and Americans have had enough of going to foreign countries and trying to fix things to last us for a while.

You need to stop seeing America as a parent that's required to take care of everything and pay for everything, and think instead in terms of 300 million Americans who don't share the idea that we "have to" pay endlessly to solve other nation's problems when we have people who are homeless and hungry... and we're tired of having hate spewed at us followed by arrogant demands for more aid.

Omni, I dont see America as a parent who just needs to take care of everyone on earth. Yet, America plays this role, and ironically, the politicians who encourage playing this role are re-elected.

I know there are people in america who hardly earn their living. But i have a questiont to ask, do you think American donates money for the sake of charity? In politics there is nothing for charity in such situations. So every penny doesnt fall from the sky, and it doesnt go just by luck as charity in political conflicts.

Plus I am not arguing about whether American SHOULD pay or NOT, i am just arguing about the reason if they cut the funding. If it is because the Palestians wanted to overthrow the corrupt Fatah then the White House is a hypocrate. Dont forget that the Palestinians elected Hamas because they fed of losing the funding in the back accounts of Fatah leaders. This time they want peace, they need the funding and Hamas has to be up to the voters' expectations. So it is just a chance to win them all.


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