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Wednesday, January 25, 2006 

Test for Palestinians and Israelis: A step towards peace!

Mr Olmert told a conference at Herzliya that Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and part of the West Bank last year was a turning point.

"In order to ensure the existence of a Jewish national home, we will not be able to continue ruling over the territories in which the majority of the Palestinian population lives," acting Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said.

However, Mr Olmert said that Israel would keep security zones, the main settlement blocs, and places important to the Jewish people, such as Jerusalem.

"There can be no Jewish state without Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty," he said. BBC News
Looks like the next few months are a test for both Palestinians and Israelis asking who is really committed to peacemaking. The Israeli side will have general elections in March 28th. Given the current status quo on the Israeli political arena, the Kadima political party represented by Mr. Olmert is the party that is most committed to reviving peace process and negotiations with the Palestinian side. Thus, any choice taken by Israeli voters on March 28th rather than electing Olmert will arise doubts about the Israeli true commitment to peacemaking.

On the Palestinian side, it is clearly evident that there is a very powerful trend towards peacemaking in Israel. Consequently, the Palestinians should show true commitment to peace (specially Hamas and Jihad), such commitment should appear in the way the Palestinian requests are negotiated and showing some political skill on the international level. To be honest, the Palestinian political arena seems like a mess to me, so Palestinians should give up any minor internal disagreements and focus on how to benefit well from the current trend towards peace.

Sometimes it appears to me there are powers on both sides that would lose much if peace prevails. Such powers are what I call extremists on both sides, like those to which belongs Rapin's assasinator on the Israeli side, and those who have strong belief in aggressive attitudes on the Palestinian side. However, true commitment to peacemaking should not be judged by the ability of both sides to stop such powers, as it is almost impossible to hold all the cards in one hand. Yet, both hands can be used... That's why it is a very tough test for both sides.


As for Olmert's statements about Jerusalem under Israeli authority, some would say Jerusalem is a mandatory request for Palestinians and so negotiations would fail. I would comment: peace is not around the corner.

To my point of view, both sides will fail the test. Mr. Olmert made it clear that Israel is withdrawing from areas in cannot defend. This means Israel is trying to achieve peace from its own prespectives, which also means the Israeli officials will negotiate with the Palestinians with the mind-set "we are going to give what we want to give". Consquently, I believe the Palestinians will barely have their least important requests answered.

On the public level, Sharon's withdrawal from Gaza intiated massive attacks on his new policy. Such attacks reveal how the extremist fanatics in Israel will act if Olmert is to withdraw furthur. Therefore, I believe Olmert will not win Sharon's chair as opposers to his policy will vote to the Likud Party representative.

On the Palestinian side, if elections go fair Hamas will soon have place in the government. And if the scenario goes in Israel the way I said earlier, Hamas will grow hard-headed in return. Thus, having the right-wings ruling on both sides... Can't imagine what would come out of it.

Watch the clip of the Hammas spokesperson. Lies and half-truths blended with some truth and presented very smooth.

If I didn't know the truth I might even believe him.

Research, research, find the truth. Truth will not make you free but it might help you escape.

Papa Ray
West Texas

PS The Sandmonkey is thinking about moving to the US. He is afraid that the dark night will begin when the MB take over.

Here is some interesting words I exchanged back in August on a Pal website.

My remarks are in Italics.


August 10, 2005
The time has come

This post is for the Palestinians of Gaza.

We are on the dawn of disengagement. This step, though taken unilaterally and without your interests in mind, is half of what you, and your supporters, have been fighting for since I can remember. It is not all of historic Palestine nor is it the UN's partition plan; it is not even the 67 boarders.

The amount of land, at this point, is irrelevant. It is enough to build a viable state upon. That, for now, is enough.

Care about your lives and the lives of your children enough to alter your methodology. Grasp this one chance and let no one else mutter the phrase "the Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity" again. On behalf of your supporters worldwide, the ones that were present at every march and protest, the ones that want nothing more in life than to see you thrive, I beg you; do not let this great opportunity turn into your worst catastrophe.

From a strategic and a negotiations perspective you could not have asked for more. Israel will end is 38 year occupation of Gaza, in its entirety and unconditionally for nothing; no accords limiting "the right of return", the status of Jerusalem, or the boarders of the rest of Palestine. Netanyahu even admitted so in his resignation letter.

"From the first conversation when you (Sharon) presented your plan to me, I told you that I oppose unilateral withdrawal without anything in return?..To my sorrow, the security fence has not been completed around the settlement blocs, the Philadelphi Corridor will be handed over to the Palestinians, and worse than that, we will allow the Palestinians to open a sea port that will be open to the terror boats."

Read his entire letter, because if his doomsday prophecies come to light it will do nothing but help him win the next election, just as the second intifada did for Sharon, and with all the settlers out of Gaza by then, wreck havoc on your lands with his next invasion.

And for what?

Unite now. Step up and take the harder route of building up your lives. If this disengagement is met with a long period of quite two things will happen. There will be an outpour of foreign aid; schools, homes, facilities, hospitals, and eventually? jobs. At that point some international credibility and a track record will be enough to muster real international support and pressure on Israel to give up the West Bank as well.

Stand up to those that would sabotage your chances regardless of their intentions.

I, for one, will do my part right here, right now. I have two positions to fill in one of my start up companies. I will begin taking resumes for Architecture and Visualizations positions from Architects and Architectural Designers in Gaza that have access to a computer with a decent connection and a good mastery of English. If you live in Gaza or have someone there that would be interested please apply though our site.

Karim Elsahy

Posted by Karim Elsahy at 22:59 in Palestine | Link | Comments (6)
I wish you the best of luck ...

It won't happen that way, but I join you in wishing that it would.

Written by: Adriane at 2005/08/12 - 23:19:35
This "famous bombmaker" is going to need help too, I am sure he is hiring, but I am not sure how much he pays.


Papa Ray
West Texas

Written by: Papa Ray at 2005/08/29 - 01:53:56

Papa Ray - you might want to look at how Israel was established rather than how some Arabs and Muslims have eventually responded after decades of displacement, colonial settlement and segregationist laws. Try Image and Reality by Norman Finkelstein. You seem to have read half of it anyway ie the "image" bit. Now try reality.

Written by: Mark Elf at 2005/08/29 - 11:45:43

Ah yes reality. Well, the reality is:

The Jews are not going to leave.
They are only going to give up so much land.
They are very used to war.
They will kill anyone who trys to kill them.
They will have the help of many countries
if needed.
They are there to stay.

Arabs and others that think any different
are the ones that are living in a dream
world that their pride demands.

Their pride will only result in more
death and destruction...Theirs.

The Arabs are not the only people to have
been conquered and their lands taken from them
but they are the only ones that can't get over it and move on and build their own country and live in peace.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Written by: Papa Ray at 2005/08/30 - 00:04:44

What like the natives of, say, America and Australia simply moved on, built their own country and lived in peace? This might makes right business doesn't always work out for the mighty though. You might want to consider that if you can't think in moral terms.

Written by: Mark Elf at 2005/09/01 - 19:26:46

Sorry for being so long to answer.

Had a little hurricane.
"Moral Terms"

Ther is no moral terms to consider that make any difference in "Today's Reality".

The winners are the winners, the losers...well they lost.

Thats the real fact, the real reality.

Yea, the American Indians got a bad deal, but most are getting by, some are excelling, some are drunks and whores. But they lost.

Australia...give me a break, stone age people don't all of a sudden build their own country.
But..with no surprise (to me) many have went to school, educated themselves, become a part of the Australian Nation. They didn't try and hang on to hate, dispair and blame others like the Arabs do and have done for several hundred years.

The Arabs and Muslims have lost the last few
wars and are not going to win any more. People that can't raise themselves out of the 14th century can't hope to win against 21st century people.

Like it or not, that the reality of it.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Written by: Papa Ray at 2005/09/03 - 16:30:20


Do the American People hate Indians, do American Indians hate the White Americans? (and I guess now it would extend to Mexicans, blacks and others that are not native to this country.)

Sure, there are many on both "sides" that hate that way, but their hate does not include blowing up anyone or shooting them.

Why not? because what happened, happened, and most if not all, have come to the understanding that more violence will not help, but hurt their situation.

So, (being a little flip here) the Indians decided to get their revenge another way, open up Casinos and take the white man's money.

Anyway, living in the past and trying to get justice and revenge is the most direct path to destruction that the Pals can take.

But it looks like if Hammas wins, that is the path that they will choose.

Stupid, Stupid and Sad.

Papa Ray
West Texas

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