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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 

Load... Aim.... PEE! (damn true story)

Last night I was sitting with my friends in a cafe having some hot drinks as it was badly cold. We were having some random talks, cracking jokes bla bla bla. Then one of our friends saw a friend of his whom we didn't know and went to greet him. Then the two guys came and joined us on the table. I didn't know why I didn't like the way that guy behaved. Then our friend started introducing us to his friend who was an officer. Then we resumed our talks and the officer started telling us about himself in a way that makes anyone feel like 'that guy surly comes from a different planet'. He was so enthusiastic telling us how he treated suspects and how he is so smart and tough. Then he told us a story.

"Just a few weeks ago some suspect disrespected me, something no officer would tolerate (he didn't say why and how did the suspect disrespect him). So I decided to teach him a lesson. I gave my orders to some police soldiers in my department to take that guy to the 'Welcome Room'. In no time the suspect was in the welcome room with his back uncovered and then I started to whip the shit out of him. Nevertheless, the suspect was soo stupid to disrespect me once more. This time I sent him to a women's cell in the building to make a joke out of him. But when he came out he said 'You think what you did disrespects me or breaks my dignity?'. That time I decided to apply a new rule to tell him how to break someone's dignity. Ordering the soldiers to lay him on the ground, I started peeing on his face, that time he couldn't say a word" He told us with a big smile on his face.

Then there was silence for a moment, we were trying to convince ourselves that this guy is lying. Yet, I broke the silence trying to know whether he has been punished for that or not.
"You should thank God no one knew about that, you could have been punished, couldn't you?"
The guy laughed and answered "My bosses knew and they punished me"
"What did they do to you?" I asked eagerly
"They transferred me to a different department".

************TRUE STORY*************

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