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Saturday, December 31, 2005 

High Treason

"Syrian MPs have demanded that treason charges be brought against an exiled top politician who implicated President Bashar al-Assad in a political murder." BBC News

It is deeply ironic how yesterday's friends become today's most wanted enemies. Former vice-president Abdel Halim Khaddam who one day was the second man in Syria is now called for high treason because he implicated what could be used (rightfully) against the Syrian government regarding Former Lebanese Prime Minister Al-Hariri's murder. Actually what is really more ironic is the way the demand for a treason charge to be brought against Khaddam is made. Bashar Al Assad wants to tell the world that it is not him who is asking for the head of Khaddam, but they are the MPs who are (supposedly) the representatives of the Syrian people. I wonder what al-Assad thinks.... Should the world believe that he is a very tolerant popular guy who is never angry when stabbed at the back by a once-upon-a-time friend? Or should we believe that Syrians are enjoying too much democracy that they are asking for the head of Khaddam for expressing his own opinion?...

Oops Bashar, that wasn't too skillful, was it?

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