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Monday, January 09, 2006 

The Khaddam War

A war that has gone wild over the satellite channels is that one involving dissenter Khaddam and numb Assad. Khaddam first appears on Al Arabiya news channel and implicates Bashar el-Assad in the murder of Rafik Hariri. The murder that could be the first nail in the Syrian regime's coffin. Then Bashar's MPs declare Khaddam a traitor and urge the government to charge him with high treason. Khaddam answers on French 3 TV channel accusing Bashar of being THE traitor and urges the Syrian people to revolt. The war is going wilder and wilder... but I have some silly questions that are killing me for an answer:
  1. According to Khaddam, he knew all about Bashar threatening Hariri long time ago, and he could tell his story just after Hariri's murder... so why keeping the secret till now?
  2. Bashar's MPs accused Khaddam of being a traitor and a thief as he was "talking about how poor and miserable the Syrians are from his lavish luxurious palace in Paris." Does this mean the MPs admit that the Syrians are poor and miserable in the hands of the wisest Bashar?
    And Khaddam is a thief whose lavish palace in Paris... wasn't he the Vice President to Bashar?
  3. Khaddam urges the Syrians to revolt... well, had he been in power till now, would he have had the same trend he has now?
  4. Khaddam says he is working for the sake of Syria... what about the days you spent in the company of Bashar as his deputy?
That was interesting...

Secrets and lies... every country has them...

(Click here if you dare)

Here is an Website I check now and then. I am sure it is run by expats, but they seem to keep up with what is going on with Syria.

Papa Ray
West Texas

Thanks alot for the link, Papa Ray... Its a good site that is worthy of reading (just like RT's blog).

Keep up the good work
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