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Saturday, January 07, 2006 

The man of peace who can't survive peace!

According to Mr. Bush aka The Man of War* Ariel Sharon is a man of piece... oops sorry I mean peace. Ariel Sharon who previously planned and carried out the massacre of Sabra and Shatila in which thousands of Palestinians were slaughtered. Moreover, his visit to Al-Masjed Al Aksa (The Far Mosque in Jerusalem) was the spark that blew out the Second Intefada. Yet, still he is a man of peace to Bush.

During the past few months Sharon took a more seemingly peaceful attitude towards Palestinians. Although I think such a peaceful attitude was a means to an end which is to make specific political profits, such a peaceful attitude is still to some extent a great political profit to the Palestinians. Ironically, Sharon couldn't survive this peaceful attitude he was planning to adopt and is now almost dead after a second stroke in a Tel Aviv hospital. I won't say more!

Oh no I have to add something more, Bush aka Man of War is praying for his ally Sharon aka Man of Peace... Duh, they are really the perfect allies, aren't they?

*Mr. Bush admitted he is a man of war, who takes any decision with war in his mind, in an interview that appeared in Michael Moore's Fahrenheit 9/11.

President Bush is not only a "man of war", he is a warrior and a warrior of G-D (not allah, by the way.) His goal is to bring freedom to as many as he can while he is president and to kill or capture as many terrorists, insurgents, freedom fighters and thugs as he can before he has to let go of America's Military.

Let us see how he does in the time he has left.

We live in interesting times.

Papa Ray
West Texas

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