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Saturday, January 07, 2006 

Palestinian gunmen: "Kill your allies to protest against enemies"!

I have never been so disappointed, so confused or so furious when I read about those idiots shooting Egyptian soldiers at the Egyptian/Palestinian borders. The RESISTANCE gunmen (I wonder whom they are really resisting?) are calling for the release of a kidnapper by attacking the borders of their allies. Is it a new strategy for imposing one's will over enemies? Attacking one's own allies?? I don't give a damn to what they think, and yeah I would furiously ask these morons to be brought to trial. These soldiers who lost their lives, and those who were injured, had no guilt but protecting their home country's borders that never thought of the values of their lives. And let me tell you the scenario of what's going to happen in the coming few days:
  1. Mr. I don't know who from the Palestinian Authority comes out to condemn the accident.
  2. Mr. I don't care who from the same side comes out to apologize about the *sad* incident.
  3. Mr. Who cares comes out to show anger about the incidents.
  4. Mr. Big Boss accepts the apology.
  5. Mothers weep, wives cry, the killing of the soldier's gone with the wind.
This is the same scenario that is repeated in similar situations. And finally the most popular universal rule prevails "How precious the bliss 'to-forget' is!"

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