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Tuesday, January 31, 2006 

Breaking News & Breaking Comments: Commitment equals funding!

UN chief Kofi Annan has said future aid to the Palestinian Authority will hinge on the government's commitment to peace and recognizing Israel.

Speaking for the Mid-East "Quartet", Mr Annan said any new government must accept previous agreements, including the "roadmap" peace plan.

Aid to the Palestinians has been thrown into doubt by the election victory of Islamic militant group Hamas.

Earlier, Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas urged donors to continue funding. BBC News
This is just high, wide and handsome (quoting Clive Tyldesly "British football commentator"). This is just some pressure on Hamas to take a step into the right way of negotiations and rational down to reality attitude. I believe Hamas people have a great chance now to bring their group from the dark side of the world to the bright one. In other words, I believe if Hamas accepted all previous agreements and reformed its political speech, a great change will occur to the way the Palestinian cause is looked at. To illustrate, if Hamas accepted all previous agreements and reformed its political speech, it would gain international support not only on the economic level but on the political level as well. Thus, they will be leaving Israel with no choice but to show commitment to peacemaking, which might well affect the results of the general Israeli election next March.

Silly question: Am I feeling optimistic about what is to come?
Desperate Answer: No I am not.

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