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Saturday, February 04, 2006 

Another happy day, a new hope for tomorrow!

It was just another great day in Cairo. I have been to the CIS (Cairo International Stadium) to watch Quarter Final's match between Egypt and RD Congo (or DR Congo whatever they'd like to call it). The day was overwhelming for me, waking up so early in the morning to go on an errand then praying Gomo'a in the mosque, the meeting my friends and heading towards the stadium. The very first part till the prayer was okay and went normal. Then it is started to look frustrating as two of my friends called me to apologize, but then things went okay once more when they were replaced (with the literal meaning of the word) with two other friends in our group and. Then started the long but quick journey to the CIS.

On the way to the stadium I look at the road from the window of the bus. Looks like all Cairo is going to attend the match. Egyptian red white black bright flags are being waved out of the cars windows. Some cars had big flags covering the cars from the front windshield to the rear windshield. Guys and girls, families and children all smiling, singing, cheering and waving the flags of their country (a scene you rarely *or never* see in a normal day).

Entering the stadium was not an easy task to be honest, and I think there are two main reasons for that: the first one is very funny as the stadium security asked the fans (who exceeded 12.000 in my section) to walk on the narrow pavement and leave the road clear (although the road is already made for the fans to walk to the stadium). The second reason is the number of the electronic gates to the stadium is not even close to enough.

When I got into the stands I can describe how beautiful they looked. They were just amazing and wonderful. After searching for a seat, the chanting and singing never stopped. The atmosphere when the Egyptian national team entered the stadium was ecstatic, it takes you off your seat and urges you to jump, wave the flag and chant with the fans around you.

Just moments after getting into the stadium!

Lights off, minutes before the two teams come in to warm up

As the game started the Pharaohs were pressing hard on their opponents and almost scored a goal or two. This made the fans keep on chanting and singing for their players. Then comes the harmony (the thing that is missed in all what we usually do) when 75.000 spectators sit and stand making a wave that moves from every section in the stadium to the other and keeps on moving around six or seven times. You can do nothing but get impressed. Then came the first goal for the Pharaohs, and is followed by a magnificent goal by the 40-year-old veteran striker Hossam Hassan. Hossam just stresses every now and then that he is made of steel. Then comes the half time, it is 2-1 for Egypt. The second half starts with the same ecstatic chanting and Egypt adds two more goals and the game ends in 4-1 result. Thus Egypt is clear to the Semi-Final against the Senegal Lions. Well, the Pharaohs were well known for taming lions... Let's just do it like the old school.

The DR Congo team warming up (to pack their bags and leave)

Half time!

Ecstatic chanting!

The big score board tells it all :D

Now a deeper look into today's scenes...
I will put the disadvantages aside (disadvantages like it is almost high-class people that were in the stadium today because of the tickets' prices, and most of them know nothing about football and are just there for a "trip" as one of my friends called it). Today I have witnessed great spirit of nationalism (if the term goes okay), youngmen who are the majority of this nation all stand together, not just in the stadium but even in the streets and at every corner, all celebrating their countries sporting victory. Again I see power and enthusiasm and a clear evidence that this nation can turn out to be a better fast developing nation if the power imprisoned within its young men is well used and directed.

Hossam Hassan, you are the man.

Gamal Mubarak, I saw your guards.

RD Congo, au revoir!

Egyptian young men, the day will come when this nation restores its glorious past and make new history of it with your own hands.

Downloads: To download the goals click here.

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