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Saturday, February 04, 2006 

I have to break the silence!

So-called Muslims protesting in London!

Syrians set the Danish embassy ablaze!

Totally insane, totally foolish, totally unacceptable, totally STUPID!
The cartoons are stupid? Yes, They offended Muslim feelings the most? Yes... Violence the right answer? NO!

The cartoons described Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) as a terrorist which is never true and extremely offensive. Nevertheless, if the answer is violence then you are just emphasizing these foolish claims behind the cartoons. How would you speak to the world and say Islam is a religion of peace and forgiveness while you are carrying a moltov and burning embassies down!!! I am sure most of those who went out in fury chanting angry chants and fighting to burn the Danish and Norweigan embassies down rarely go into a mosque or even read and understand the verses in the Holy Qur'an regularly. If you are so angry, so offended then continue the boycott and redirect this anger and turn it into a useful constructive power rather than a destructive one. Be good representatives of that religion, not another copy of the Shakespearian angry mob. Moreover, the government and the right-wing stupid newspaper in Denmark apologized, which is quite enough as it is now known that such cartoons would cause fury and should be avoided with self-censorship and responsibility. What do you want? I tell you what to do.... go read the Holy Qur'an: "But if they cease, then God is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful" (Al Baqarah 192)

And the protestors in London, I have a question for you... Being a Muslim you should be a good representatives of Islam, do you think "slaying", "butchering" and "beheading" are keywords to convince the world of the truth of Islam? Your words answer you. Additionally, do you think Islam tells you to slay, butcher and behead those who criticize you (even with such foolish claims... I mean such foolish claims like those represented in you while in fact they contradict Islam)? If your answer is "yes", then go learn Islam well.

In order to convince the world of what you believe you have to debate and answer fact by fact, not go shout in the streets asking for slaying the others.

Hello Jimmy,

I'm from Denmark and I'm starting to find the general reaction to this sillyness quite offensive on behalf on both sides.

There are a few points I'd like to point out that apparently seem to have failed to go through.

1) If your neighbour does something that is offensive to me. Will you apologise for that? should you be held responsible for that?. What is happening right now is that my stupid neighbour happened to have offended you - but you are punishing me for what he did.

2) The muslim world entirely seem to have misunderstood what all this was about in the first place. As the situation stands the drawings started because a writer of childrens book about Muhammed was unable to find anyone willing to make drawings for it because they were afraid to be killed by extreme muslims. That spawned a discussion about whether the rules that applies in the muslim world should apply in a small nordic country. While it is forbidden for muslims to eat pork - should that rule apply to non-muslims as well? - as a result the newspaper asked 12 cartoonists to make drawings of how they saw Islam in their everyday life. One of them drew an image of Muhammed with a bomb in his hat - because that was what he saw on the TV all the time. People threating people with death in the name of the prophet. You need to understand that this has nothing to do with hos the prophet is - but how the prophet is comming across to the rest of the world due to extremists filling so much of the media picture.

The point is that those drawings were never meant to be offensive to muslims - but to show how muslims themselves are comming through in the western world because of their actions on tv. You have probably seen as much as this as I have.

3) the delegation of danish muslims that travelled around in the muslim countries to gain support for putting pressure on the danish government actually brought along 2-3 drawings and pictures that had nothing to do with what was in the JP. One of these was an image of the prophet with a pigs nose. These pictures was included by this delegation for reasons unknown to me and my fellow citizens. We have no idea where they came from - but it would seem that they were included to cause anger with muslim leaders. The leaders of the different muslim communities in denmark are currently in a state of war with eachother of who should be "Mr. Islam". The promotions of these drawing were initially a part of that struggle that got out of hand.

4) While you write that the JP is a right wing newspaper and that it once supported nazists etc - that needs to be seen in a context. First of all the right-wings here in denmark would be considered left-wing in most other countries. As to the second thing about the nazi-past of the newspaper - then that needs to be seen in a historic context as well - and not to be seen as having an impact on the newspaper as it is today. While the JP certainly has been one of the most critical of extremist islamic views here in denmark, it has also been one of the foremost in the debate of how good integration of muslims happens in denmark.

5) It seems that the concept of idependant media does not seem to be very well understood in the muslim countries. If our prime-minister EVER would try to interfere in what a newspaper did he would be out of a job the next day. He neither can or want to interfere. As to muslims being offended by what the newspaper wrote - they could simply go to court against the newspaper. Something that they have not done.

6) As a matter of fact the danish public prosecution looked into the matter a short time following the publication of the drawings but found that they in this case could not interfere. That would however not stop the danish muslims from going to court against the JP. As a matter of fact we have certain racism paragraphs here in denmark that means people can end up in jail for raising hate against any group because of the racial, national or religious behaviour. The danish muslims decided not to go to court - but instead to try to raise a storm of protests from the muslim world. The only reason I can see for that is because of the formerly mentioned struggle to become "Mr. Islam".

Anyways .. just thought I'd drop a line to bring up a couple of points ;)

Hello, Mr. Jensen. First I have to thank you for dropping by and leaving this great comment. I will publish this comment as a post as my aim is to show different points of view and I hope you read my comment on it.

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