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Monday, February 13, 2006 

Living in the Mambo-Jumbo world!

In a real indication that these guys really live in a world of their own, Irani Foreign Ministry spokesman demands apology over cartoons if Denmark is willing to calm down furor in the Muslim world. These comments were the Iranian response to Condoleezza Rice's claims that Iran, Syria and Indonesia are inflaming anger over cartoons. And I believe the Iranian spokesman's comments leave us with two possibilities. Either this spokesman is living in a mambo-jumbo world that is far out of the reach of the Danish apologies over cartoons, or he is just telling Condi "yes, we inflame things as the current apologies are not enough".

My suggestion: somebody please help the Iranian government with an email telling them that Denmark and Jyllands-Posten has apologized quite enough, and the world is not too dumb as they believe.

Oh, and waiting for some Syrian genius answer... I think the Baathists there will reply: "the EU should apologize for Danish cartoons if they want to calm down the furor"... And oh, aliens, stay alert, you might be asked for any apology soon.

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