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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

Taliban is rising, and the world is helping them!

I was watching Al-Jazeera this afternoon when a program named "Lek'a Al-Yawm" (Today's Meeting) started and the guest was Taliban's Military Official Mullah Dad-ullah. Well, I have to say I could barely stopped laughing at what that guy said, but at moments I stopped laughing as some of what that guy said striked me hard.

The guy first started his answers with promising more suicide attacks are to come and he was so proud that they could achieve bombings all over Afghanistan. He even asked people to stay away from American checkpoints and soldiers to not to fall in the coming bombings. Practically, American soldiers are almost everywhere in Afghanistan, so in order for Afghans to stay away from Americans is just packing their luggage up and search for another country to live in if they want to survive. This very insane animal in a human being's shape kept me laughing with the way he described Taliban's control everywhere in Afghanistan. Moreover, he kept repeating: "All countries will help us, they all know now Taliban is rising once more... We are supported by countries with clear and subtle enmity to America", then again " the whole world stands with us". Then he assured that the people and political factions of Afghanistan all contact them telling them that they (the Afghan factions) regretted working with the Americans and they support Taliban back to power.

I wonder what world Mulla Dad-ullah is talking about, but rather, what world was he talking about?? Surly, the whole mambo-jumbo world stands with him, the whole world in which he and his likes live, a world of insanity, lies and hypocrisy, a world of his own.

Yet again, some statements of this guy kept me alert. He said Taliban is using new tactics like freeing captured operatives from prisons....! This reminded me of the 13 Al Qaeda operatives that escaped Yemen prison weeks ago. Read my post about Africa's Bin Laden to get what I mean.

The most important part is that Mulla Dad-ullah described those who offer negotiations with America as stupid ignorant people. Well, Bin Laden and Zawahiri wanted to negotiate truce with the US government... I think Bin Laden should now consider bombing Taliban's military official's office, if he has one, to punish him for calling him stupid.

To be honest, such a man offended me more than the Danish cartoons did, simply because I know his likes are the reason why Islam is viewed in such a way.


That is ridiculous, these people really do live in their own world, they view everything around them in their own way. I suppose some Afghans somewhere criticized the present Afghani government policy on agriculture for example, and he took that to mean that they're pro-Taliban.

I agree that Bin Laden should unleash his crap on Taliban-man there. That would be an interesting confrontation. Will both claim they are doing God's work then?

oh yeah, Alb Sayed. Imagine Bin Laden and Taliban bombing each other in the name of Allah... Wouldn't that be a sight.

I'd sure like to see THAT!!

(Who's Omni?)

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