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Saturday, February 25, 2006 

And may their souls rest in peace...

According to the latest news over investigations about the Egyptian sunken ferry Al Salam Boccaccio '98, these are facts that need no comment from me... I will put them as they are and they will do commenting job:
  1. A formal inspection over safety measures on the ferry before the last voyage found that it has 10 problems with safety and security measures... They were reduced to one problem in the report so that the ferry could sail.
  2. Al Salam Maritime monopolized the naval line between Duba (Saudi Arabia) and Safaga (Egypt) across the Red Sea as it reduced its prices by 400%, but added more decks and on-board seats to have the largest number of passengers possible on board.
  3. According to Athens accord, every passenger (or their families) should have a 1 million Egyptian pounds compensation. Actually, the government offered 30.000 pounds compensation for every victim's family, and the company said it is going to pay 150.000 pounds for each victim. Consequently, the families are going to receive 180.000 EGP instead of 1.000.000 EGP for each.
  4. And here is the SURPRISE: The Egyptian ports do not have any receivers to hear any SOS from any ship or ferry facing a sinking in the Red Sea.
And may the souls of the 1000 victims rest in peace...

Excellent, love it!
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