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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

Luxor and Aswan tour pictures

As I once promised to post the photos of my tour to Luxor and Aswan, here you are. These photos are just samples:

Philae temple from the boat in the Nile

View from Philae Temple (you have to see it there yourself)

Ramses II statue in Karnak Temple (This guy had 92 sons and 106 daughters)

Queen Hatshbsut's obliscies

Entrance to Temple of Kom Ombo

This is a 160 meter corridor inside King Ramses IX tomb

And that's his coffin where his mummy was kept and then stolen :S

Entrance to Luxor Temple

Inside the Temple of Edfu (one of the best, you should visit this if you come to Egypt)

That's where I stayed in Aswan, marvelous hotel

The view from my room in Luxor

I still have 48 photos in the Flickr album for you, I just can't post them all here or they will eat up the whole blog. Still there are more photos to be posted in the album till the next Thursday.

  • To see the whole album on Flickr, click on the flickr badge under Photo Album to the right.
  • Some photos are dated at 1-1-2004, I forgot to adjust the time and date in my cam before I took those photos.
Thoughts: When I stood in front of the wonders our ancestors left on the banks of the Nile, or in the heart of the desert, I felt so proud to belong to this country and this great history, and so ashamed to feel that our great grandfathers made history, while we one day we will become forgotten history.

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