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Monday, February 20, 2006 

NIDO, the enemy...

The second day I spent in Aswan was really eventful, visiting many temples, hanging out through the small Aswan City... At night my friends and me went into a cafe after long tiring shopping. The cafe was practically a roof of a home that had some tree-decoration, with chairs cut directly from trees and the floor full of very small stones to give you the feeling that you are having a drink in the jungle. After having seats we had a bit of a talk about what we bought, the trip bla bla bla... Then came the waiter and asked for what we want to have, one of my friends asked for Nescafe with milk... and then hit a very smart question: "What kind of milk do you use?"
the Waiter answered: "The enemy"
I asked him "The enemy??? Never heard of it before"... I was trying to track him down a little.
He answered with a smile and rolling eyes: "Nido, the enemy...! We use Nido"
I was not surprised as I expected the answer... But one of my friends calmly added "Well, Nido is a no Danish"
The waiter answered with rolling eyes: "Well, the supermarket down there stopped selling Nido because he said it was Danish"
Then I hit it all of a sudden: "Why your eyes are so-rolling... and almost whispering the answers"
He answered "Some people scold us for using Nido, and that supermarket down there, he took off all Danish products including Nido after a big bearded man told him he HAS TO remove them..."
"Well, Nido is not Danish, it is Swiss, and it is ridiculous to have dry milk as an enemy, isn't it?"

I have to say, the days I spent in Luxor and Aswan made me see new dimensions and realities about our Egyptian society that made me proud and ashamed at once. A great number of people does not believe in the boycott, but they are afraid of those big bearded men who force upon them what to see and do what not to. The waiter, the supermarket owner and even the taxi-driver that night are just speakers to the mic of extremists and ignorants. Those ignorants take a dry-milk product as an enemy and are ready to pour their bloody scorn over those who do not follow their steps.

Well, Nido is a Nestle product, and so is Nescafe... so why didn't they say Nido and Nescafe?? Because they are ignorant and blind enough not to know where the truth is, but still they keep claiming to be the ones who do the right thing!!!

Then a long conversation started as we discussed the boycott thing, gonna blog about it soon!

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