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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

Danish-Muslim controversy turned into a money-making machine!


Shaaban Abdul Reheem (aka Shaa'bola), a singer that came from the poor areas of the Egyptian society, and a former ironing man. He is considered by all Egyptians as the sole living proof that there are men who are originally donkeys (sorry Darwin). This guy who is considered to be the dumbest man alive knew well how to use the Danish-Muslim cartoon controversy for his own benefit.

Speciallized in songs like "I hate Israel" he made a new song saying about the insult done to Prophet Muhammad titled "Our patience is over". The problem is Shaa'bola's songs are known to be very very low standard and lacks any artistic touch. Moreover, he uses the very low slang Arabic in all his songs including this one on the cartoon controversy.

To be honest Shaa'bola is the first singer to start using the cartoons controversy as a money-making machine. Newspapers were first to start making money out of the crisis, provoking the situation and playing on people's feelings. Now this guy who misses every small idea about Islam just produced a song, attracting more passionate people, making them hear what they want to hear, and making money out of the selling of the song.

Do you still believe he is the dumbest guy in Egypt??
Expect more songs under the name of Shaa'bolanism!

dude// this website is awesome,, finally i see true egyptians speaking up !! keep up the good work, it really is damn interesting,,

Yup, sounds about as dumb as our millionaire rappers using debased English language to talk about how tought they are, or how opporessed they are, or how they are poor boys from 'da hood'... when they are super-rich fakers living in mansions.

"Do you still believe he is the dumbest guy in Egypt??"

Nope. Folks like him are smart enough to smell where the money is. There's a lot of moolah to be made in saying stupid things to stupid people and pretending to be one of the 'common people'.

Question is: Why is such a racist and xenophobic song so popular?

Another point I'd like to make about this cartoon controversy. You link to IslamOnline.net which had this story and quote:
"Muslim dignitaries and organizations have called for the enactment of an international law banning the publication of any insults to religious symbols and values."

Why do Muslim leaders insist on banning publications as a way of creating 'tolerance'? That is not 'tolerance' that is repression of objectionable views. "tolerance" is the opposite - tolerating things you may not like because you believe in 'live and let live' more than you believe
in forcing your opinions on another.
As Quran says "There is no compulsion in religion" - so why the compulsion to repress 'objectionable' cartoons? They would have remained obscure without the furor.

Don't they understand that 'religious tolerance' requires freedom?

Wtih freedom comes responsibility, yes.
So Muslim leaders have the responsibility then to admit the truth - that the cartoons are not actually blasphemous, since they are even milder than characterizations of Muhammed found in the Quran and Hadith.

See my comment on that point here:

is the full link.

Man, he sure is ugly. Cool blog and rock on

patrick why did christian leadrs in the united states fight to get the book of daniel pulled off the air, why could they not be tolerant. don't throw stone when you live in a glass house cousin.


not sure he is stupid but he sounds slimey.

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