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Tuesday, February 14, 2006 

Finally a holiday out of Cairo!

Today I will be setting off on a holiday out of Cairo to the pharaonic ancient cities of Luxor and Aswan. The trip, although it comes in the beginning of the college's second semester, is a great chance for me to have a rest out of the populous polluted crowded Cairo. I will keep posting from Luxor and Aswan and expect many many pictures to be here. I have just created a new photo album on Flickr and it will be published as soon as the first picture is uploaded. It is going to be a long long trip as they say it gonna take 12 hours by train. My problem simply is that I can barely stay in the same place doing nothing for a maximum of one hour, then boredom eats me up savagely. It just reminds me of Metallica's Turn the Page: "In a ride for 16 hours, there is nothing much to do", and I can't live with nothing much to do lol.

I am really thinking what I should do during these 12 hours. I am having some of my books with me and my music player. But I am not going on a holiday to read books!!!

But looking at the bright side, I am expecting a very nice trip and fun there.
Expect photos and more posts in the next few days :)

i loved to be around the Pyramids.I even entered one but almost suffocated;)
I missed the trip to Assouan,so thank you for telling me more about it.

oh jimmy I wish I go there to Luxor and Aswan again
already visited them as a little girl and till now I can't forget the big huge pillars in El-Karnak

Found you through the Big Pharaoh. Good blog--where did your excellent red/black format come from?

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