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Sunday, February 19, 2006 

Finally, I am on the way home!

Finally, I am on my way back home after 6 days in Luxor and Aswan. It has been an eventful holiday and I gotta say I have enjoyed every minute of it. And it sounds like they have been four eventful days all over the world. Bird flu is spreading in Egypt, Rumsfeld statements, Ben Gazi events, sounds like big fuss went off all of a sudden... I have to admit it I have been cut off the world for the past 6 days as it was very difficult to have internet access: in Luxor I barely found a cyber and it was closed for repairs!!!!!!!!!! And in Aswan I found out that the nearest cyber to my hotel (which was a great one) is just 30 minutes walking... Add to that, the hotel in which I stayed is high above a hill looking over the whole Aswan City...

I am not 3 minutes walking from the railway station, and I ran to this cyber by coincidence. And I never wanted to lose that chance.

Be back in 12 hours...

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