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Tuesday, February 21, 2006 

A message in my inbox!

Just minutes ago I have received a message from someone I don't know, obviously one who reads my blog, with a link to a BBC piece of news and saying in Arabic "What freedom of speech are they talking about? If they put in jail a man for expressing his opinion, how can they ask us to accept them humiliating us? They should practice what they preach"

The headline to the piece of news says: "Holocaust denier Irving is jailed"
British historian David Irving has been found guilty in Vienna of denying the Holocaust of European Jewry and sentenced to three years in prison.
I have sent a reply back, I am waiting for your comments though...

Austria and Denmark are two different contries. There aren't any laws against denying the Holocaust in Denmark. What's your point Jimmy?

Henrik, i know Denmark is not on the list of the countries that throw to jail any one who denies the holocaust. My point is about the West in general and countries like germany and france that reprinted the cartoons supporting freedom of speech that they themselves violate.

I have replied to the sender with a long email and I told him Denmark doesnt have these laws. I will post the reply in a new post as soon as i get more comments on this post.

Most of these laws were applied in the years 1945 to 1950 to prevent people from denying that the holocaust (which were caused by people in the west, against people in the west) ever took place. This was done to prevent a raise of the nazists and extremists in the following years. These laws does not forbid anyone to claim that the holocaust were a good thing, these laws does not forbid anyone that they think jews are bad - it forbids them to deny that the country and an idology was in part responsible for what happened.

Personally I do not belive these laws are the way to go - and that they are hopelessly outdated (as do alot of other people). Ignorance must be met with information - EOD.

On the other hand its not impossible to imagine that other countries - if they ever are faced with horrible stuff like this internally - might make laws to prevent ignorance from being the dominant force. The anti-denial laws are made to protect an extremist idology from ever raising based on false myths - not to make sure that the jews does not feel offended. There is your answer.

If people have any problems understanding the distinction they should go pay a concentration camp a visit.


Ah and another point entirely: he's not expressing his opinion -- he's twisting the facts. I know that there is a huge market for anti-holocaust litterature in the middle-east - but that still does not change the facts here in europe. Nobody said he could not offend jews all he wants.


Hi Jimmy.
I've two comments.
1. If The Big Pharaohs list is complete only eleven european contries have these laws. Thats not the "West in general". Thats a minority of contries in the West.


2. The media in the west aren't controlled by the government(Italy is the expeption to the rule). The government aren't responsible for what the media prints and the media aren't responsible for the laws in the country.

But sure, if you defend Jyllands-Posten right to print the cartoons you must to defend Irvings rigth to deny the Holocaust without being imprisoned for it.

Frihed for Loke som for Thor.

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