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Monday, March 13, 2006 

He thought it was stylish!

Wherever you walk in Cairo, you gonna see something strange... something new! But that guy in the picture really drew my attention to some new kind of ignorance. I was standing near my university campus when I saw this guy. He had long hair, wore a white t-shirt with the word Nazis on the back and the front of the t-shirt, with the sign as you see. I just wanted to talk to him about it...

Me: Hello, nice shirt.
Him: Thanks (then turning his face away to the mobile in his hand)
Me: May I ask you a question?
Him: (With a who-is-that-freak face) Yeah
Me: You like the sign on the shirt?
Him: It looks stylish.
Me: (laughing) Sure you know what it really is?
Him: (Bored) Hitler's sign.
Me: Nazi sign... You know if Nazis were here you could have been dead?
Him: (anger starting taking over) I am not a Jew, fellow!
Me: But you are not an Aryan, so you are inferior, so you are, according to them, a slave minor being.
Him: What's an Aryan??
Me: (Eyes wide open) Umm.. oh nothing... thanks man!
Him: OK.

Never wonder when you see some bearded devout-Muslim-like fellow wearing a satanic t-shirt. Simply he does not know.


Keep it up! We need about 75 million more like you to engage the 75 million in Egypt. If anything, the kid will go home and look up Arian, or will realize that maybe Nazi symbols and ideology is the last thing he should think "stylish".

Thanks for passing by my site, this is my first comment here. Nice site you have.

I always wondered why some Egyptians/Arabs wear T-shirts with the American Flag on it. Also, some people have the American Flag pendant as a decoration for their car. I always wondered can we ever find an American guy wearing T-Shirt with the Egypt or the Saudi Flag on its back?!!
Is that ignorance, or superficiality or 3o2det el .7awaga?!!!

This is an idiots blind hatred on display.

Good post.

It's spelled "Aryan"

Nazis are no more.
And as for Nazis wanting to kill all non-"aryans", that is speculation, genre fiction.

What is real and current is Israeli supremacism over Arabs and Europeans as based on the racist Torah and Talmud. I would even have the chutzpah to call Israel/Zionist Corporatism fascist; fascism of a jewish flavor.

I would say Hitler, if he truly was a genocidal man, was aping zionism.

Anonymous is an idiot.

If Hitler didn't want to kill all non-Aryans, then, well, why did he say he wanted to? Christ, it's in Mein Kampf after all. And his speeches. It's not speculation when you can listen to it or read it in the man's book.

He killed 5 million of them after all. That's 5 million on TOP of the 6 million Jews. Russians were inferior, Slavics were inferior, Poles, etc.

Arabs would actually get a pass, because of Hitler's alliance with the Grand Mufti.

"Arabs would actually get a pass, because of Hitler's alliance with the Grand Mufti."
- from a post above

At most a temporary pass. Hitler would have wiped out all swarthy skinned and dark skinned people eventually, including Arabs, had he not been stopped. He exalted blond hair and blue eyes, though he himself had dark hair.


The sw2astika was adopteed by the Nazis cos of fascination with Eastern mysticism

The first "anonymous" is a shining example of what's being termed "the new anti-semitism".
I won't waste more words on him.
Instead, let's consider how odd that the man who lead Germany into "Aryan supermacy", extolling the virtues and beauty of the blonde aryan race and encouraging Germany to be a magnificient empire was himself a short, rather ugly, black-haired man who wasn't even German.
As if history was winking at the Germans, giving them every reason to notice how laughable it all is!

Today, few people are racists. Most people couldn't give a damn what race anyone is. The exceptions are:
A. Ultra-nationalist Europeans (very few of these actually exist).
B. Ultra politically-correct (or far left) Europeans and Americans.
C. To an extent: ultra-nationalist Muslims.

I say "To an extent", not because they aren't racist but because their putrid hatred isn't based essentially on the matter of race, however much it makes use of old racism.

As for the far-left, they're 'reverse racists'. They favour certain races in every dispute and whatever the circumstances. Nevertheless, they're racists, seeing everything through the eyes of race. Few other people try to dissect issues based on the race of those involved.


The key thing to understand about Hitler is that he would tolerate non-Aryans (Italians, Japanese, Arabs) if they served his purpose of conquest and setting up the world wide Aryan state. He adopted the Swastika because he (wrongly) thought it was primal aryan symbol.

Confusing Naziism with Zionism is at best ignorant. You might quibble with the tactics of Israel, but they (with history on their side) take serious any threat to destroy them. They thought Hitler was indulging in hyperbole and paid the price. "Never Again."

You're both ignorant, that symbol turns clockwise, so it's the Native American symbol for good luck. Swaztikas are the reverse of that image.

No, You are ignorant: Nazi Flag

I can understand why David Duke visited Damascus last year and was warmly received. It is no different than 65 years ago. White fascist finding common cause with Islamofascists.

Just what does "Islamofascist" mean? Picking the most extreme case, is Osama:

1) an extreme nationalist?
2) a racist?
3) an expanionist?

Probably OBL is none of these things. You need a better term to describe his brand of extremism.

Did you also tell him that it is not only "Hitler's sign" but an ancient Hindu symbol.


Either clockwise or counter, it is the same symbol.

The symbol was the original insignia of the US 45th Infantry Division before WWII. It used to be everywhere.

Hitler coopted the symbol, and now thanks to him, a symbol of luck is now seen as a symbol of evil.

Pipes, Wolfowitz, Perle, Horriwitz, Libby, Judy Miller, Feith, Abramoff, Chertoff, Woodward...

If they were Italian you'd think the Mob has as beef with the Arabs.

But link these White House Aides and government propagandists to pro-Israel US policy and you are a... you know.

If God exists, he must truly be invested into these made men.

A lot of Jews are politically minded. Always have been, before America even existed. No other people were as literate as the Jews. A lot of Jews are also doctors. It must be a whole conspiracy to control the medical industry too.

Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler, Rob Schneider, Gary Shandling, Jon Stewart, Richard Lewis, Sacha Baron Cohen AKA Ali G. Oh no, give the pure Aryans back their comedy. The Jews have taken control of it.

You know, there are a lot of white people screwing up everything. More white people than any other type of people. Why not talk about them? Oh yeah, because you are white. It's all about race to you. You still will never see yourself as a racist, ever. Just point to the Jew with a good job. He never points to you by the way.

The Perfect Aryan:

Blonde as Hitler, as lean as G?ring and as chaste as R?hm.

Sorry but the Nazi's and the Arabs collaborated together during WWII. In Iraq the Nazi's support a nationalistic coup. I have some SPIEGEL video images of Arabs being trained by Wehrmacht officers. There were 2 Islamic-SS devisions. One of them the infamous 13th hanshar gebirgs division which participated in the Holocaust.

Yes, the Nazis collaborated with the Arabs, but they also collaborated with the Russians when it suited them before they turned on them. Once Hitler has won the war in Europe, he would have turned on the Arabs.

Yes, the Nazis collaborated with the Arabs, but they also collaborated with the Russians when it suited them before they turned on them. Once Hitler has won the war in Europe, he would have turned on the Arabs.

Actually, the Nazis are alive and well. But a bit down right now, thanks to G.W. Bush. In the Middle East, it is spelled Ba'ath. Yes, Saddam's party is a direct child of National Socialist Party.

The swastika was also a Native American symbol many centuries ago. Still can be seen on some tribal buildings and artifacts.

Wow, what an unbelievable moron!!!!

I encountered the same stupidity recently when I confronted a protester. I asked this protester if she knew what it was that she was portesting, and she just didn't. Nope. Sad.

One time I ran into a guy who had a tattoo of the division symbol from the Hanshar division.
He thought that was stylish, too, but he doesn't think anymore.

Hey there,Great sight dude. The swazi is the most powerful sign known,and will turn heads more than three legs. Last i checked we own our bodys,therefore wear what you want.Past is past,there are greater atrositys happening as i type this. I would wear 1 before an american flag or union jack. Im neither Ayrian or jewish.Wake up World.Strodie New Zealand

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