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Thursday, March 09, 2006 

I am the law!

As the Egyptian parliament renews the Hosni Mubarak's to take decisions that have the power of the law, I am left with nothing but imagining Mubarak laughing and saying it loud "I am the law". Such a decision gives Mubarak the power to take decisions with the power of laws in the fields of arms deals and arms funding. The NDP members in the parliament said that it is all about Egypt's security and safety!!!

Well, what about Egypt's money? Don't we have the right to know where our money are spent?
Is Mubarak the only Egyptian that has the right to take decisions about arms?
Is the Egyptian parliament ready to give up part of its power to the president so easily?

And here is the a very interesting question that I want anyone who supports the decision to answer:
If we care so much about arms and arms funding that we consider them top secrets, only the president should deal with them and take decisions about them... why do we arm our soldiers with ancient klashnikovs and use '70s tanks? Does the president spend the money repairing old arms not buying new ones?

I prefer Egypt being ill equiped for now. I dont want them starting another war on Israel.

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