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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Egypt's "Passion of the Christ"

It was announced that Egypt will produce the first Egyptian movie about the life of Jesus Christ. The movie is said to be one of the largest Egyptian movie productions, and it will Egypt's "Passion of the Christ". The Egyptian Coptic Church will be supervising everything about the movie. Moreover, the actor who is going to play the role of Jesus Christ will not play any other acting role after that, and it will be his debut.

The idea is so interesting... I just hope it goes very well as the talking goes.

Haha, but the Azhar would object screening such film! They would say that holy persons in Islam should not be protrayed on film or drawings.

The Azhar has no authority over screening such a film, first because Al Azhar is not the censorship department of state, second because the movie deals with Jesus Christ not a Muslim figure or Prophet Mohammed, so it is the matter of the Coptic Church not Al Azhar. And by the way, the news was announced in el Beit Beitak.

Whisper: Passion of the Christ was screened in Egypt. Why didn't Al Azhar stop it?

I'd be VERY interested to see this movie, because it would show the differences between how the West views Christ and how Egypt views him.

I've read that the familiar image of Mary and Jesus came into use as a tool to convert Egyptians, who were fond of an image of Isis and Horus shown as mother and baby... interesting, don't you think?


yeah, actually this is so interesting..
And actually the movie will not reflect Egypt's view of the Christ but rather the Orthodox Coptic view of the Christ as most of Egypt's christians are orthodox. It would be even more interesting comparing the movie to Gibson's Passion of The Christ.

I wonder how Jewish people will be represented in this film. Lets hope it isnt the norm.

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