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Tuesday, February 28, 2006 

Education in Egypt 101

This morning I had a very interesting short conversation with one of my professors whom I truly respect... It was about why in Egyptian universities the final years are always different and better.

Me: Isn't it strange the fourth, or in general the final, years in all Egyptian colleges are different and help students understand and work in a right manner?
Him (smiling): No, it just looks strange for you because you do not understand...
Me: I hope this does not mean you think I am dumb!
Him: No no I mean you do not understand what it is all about.
Me: Well, do your job well and make me understand.
Him (laughing): Well, if students are taught well (to search and work to understand) not to be spoon-fed they will start judging the world around them. They will have opinions and looks at the world around them. And if they learn to work they will learn to change. That way we will have geniuses graduated every year.
Me (cunningly): So what's the problem if you help graduating geniuses?
Him: They will go out, observe the flaws and injustices around them, try to change it, and then they might try to revolt to change the status-quo... And the government will be in danger. (winking with his eye)
Me: What if you do it yourself and teach your students well?
Him (laughing): I would be in jail!


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