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Monday, February 27, 2006 

Sharon is now 78

I went to a cafe tonight, and smoked too much sheesha (waterpipe). While smoking I was having the weirdest thoughts about everything... Maybe because I am a non-smoker and it was the first time to smoke sheesha so heavily. One of the thoughts I had sounded very logical to me as out of no where I found myself talking to my friends about Sharon...

Me: You know guys, I have read a piece of news that really attracted my attention!
A Friend: What was it about?
Me: Sharon is now 78 years old...
Another Friend (laughing): Does this have anything to do with what you are smoking now?
Me (laughing and I don't know why): No no, I am serious, he is now 78.
A third Friend: Okay Jim, buy him a sheesha and send it to him as a birthday gift.
Me: No people, I have a weird thought about this...
The first friend: Spit it out man we wanna laugh.
Me: Sharon is now 78 years old and he is fighting to stay alive. Mubarak is 78 and is fighting to stay in ruling Egypt. Does this mean, if we apply logic, that Mubarak's life is connected to his throne?

Everybody is silent, everybody is pale... I did not know why!

Dont' smoke again Jimmy
it is not healthy already you began to think in strange thoughts
Next time you will wonder how come Sharon's son in jail while others will be engaged soon
Don't smoke again no wonder they are warning day and night from the danger of smoking

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