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Sunday, February 26, 2006 

A walk in Shoubra with a new friend!

Despite the dusty weather, yesterday was a very nice day. I have met a very nice new friend from Chicago, went on a long walk exploring the most populous districts of Cairo, walking into markets, narrow streets, sitting on traditional cafes, having some Egyptian street food. It was very cool... My new friend Dody blogged about the day and took some good photos too, go take a look and enjoy..

Dody's post: A lesson in Egyptian Hospitality

Waiting to read your comments!

Nice pics. I love taking foreigners around Cairo.

A question..the kabab..did your mom really cook them or you ordered from a kabab shop?

very nice photoes but isnt there any good photo about the river nile or neet places in cairo or what ??....I think that while snaping such pictures of such places in egypt , other good places should be snaped too ...Ppl should see all of egypt , but not only populated places ....


It's Dody here. A country is both a place and a people. This is just my third week here in Egypt so I'm interested more with its people than its places. There are enough beautiful pictures of Egypt's landscape around the Net. The millions of tourists will make sure of that but there is not enough stories about its people.

Enjoyed a lot!
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Keep up the good work » »

Cool blog, interesting information... Keep it UP »

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