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Saturday, February 25, 2006 

Welcome to the Egyptian People's Kindergarten (aka Parliament)

Two very violent verbal fights took place in the Egyptian People's Kindergarten (fictionally known as Egyptian People's Assembly). The first took place when an opposition MP (representing Al Wafd Liberal Party) angrily criticized the parliament accusing it of "acting in collusion" with the government. An accusation that made the Parliament Speaker Ahmed Fathi Sorour (who is a member in the ruling National Democratic Party NDP) hit the roof in anger... (truth always hurts, huh). Then Sorour demanded a formal plain loud apology from the opposition member and refused any writing or subtle apology!!! (Headmaster's policies again!)... Finally, the MP apologized and everything went cool again in the playground... opps, I mean in the parliament room.

But you know, kids never stop quarrelling or fighting. Therefore, there was another verbal fight between two other MP as one took the seat of the other. A NDP MP took the seat of an opposition member, and refused to leave it (seems like it had fewer nails coming out to hurt his ass). Consequently, and in solidarity with their fellow opposition MP, all the opposition MPs left the session as an act of objection.

I think every Egyptian should donate a sum of money for buying more toys to be sent to the People's Kindergarten (formerly People's Assembly), so that we can keep our childish MPs away from fighting.

The other fight on seats took place in the Egyptian Consulative Council (smaller brother to the People's Assembly).

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