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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Do not spit in Beijing

Beijing is launching a campaign to stamp out widespread public spitting in an effort to clean up its image for the 2008 Olympics. Yahoo! News
I think the Egyptian government will import this law from China (along with the zillions of Chinese products it imports) in order to end the showers ministers and politicians have wherever they appear in public.

Here is a list of the fines (and awards) I think will be applied in Egypt if no-spitting low is enforced:
  • 100 EGP award for spitting at a Kefaya (Egyptian movement for change) sign/member.
  • 500 EGP award for spitting at Ayman Nour's picture and logo.
  • 1000 EGP award for spitting at a Muslim Brotherhood member.
  • 1000 EGP fine for spitting at an NDP member's picture.
  • 5000 EGP fine for spitting when a politican appears on TV.
  • 10000 EGP fine and unlimited time behind bars for spitting at a police officer.
  • A bullet in the head fine for spitting at the president.
I wonder how many bullets will be shot!

Keys: EGP is an abbreviation of Egyptian Pound which is Egypt's currency.

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