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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Fire of ignorance and extremism burn all!

Can anyone argue with this cartoon? Can anyone say it is not true?
It just reflects the status-quo in one of the Muslim nations, where ignorance and extremism burn all. Muslims who pray in the same manner bomb their own mosques and kill each other as they come out from prayers. This indicates ignorance, extremism and hypocrisy if you ask me...
They are ignorant of their religion, of its ethics and teachings and simply represent the mind of the so-called Muslims who brag about a religion they are ignorant of and never apply, living everywhere in the world.

Some would say the problem is there with the religion itself, but I say: No, there problem is not with Islam, but with those narrow-minded stupid ignorant followers of Islam. Just like Dody said in his article Reclaiming Islam, the problem is not with Islam, it is the Muslims who need reform. The way some radical or extremist Muslims interpret and understand Islam is not the religion's mistake, but the mistake of those ill rigid narrow minds that see only what supports their desires and needs, ignoring the very true word and teachings of Islam.

Those ill ignorant minds are not only burning the world with their extremism, but also burning their own religion, mosques and people. To me this indicates that extremism and violence is not directed from Islam to "infidels", "disbelievers" or "others". Yet, it is directed from ignorant extremists to the whole world and everything that contradicts their own views, be it Muslim or not, be it a mosque, a temple or a church, no difference.

The Iraqi version of those extremists fall in a category of extremists that think they fight for their religion while they fight against it. They have a shrine destroyed, so they destroy more mosques, and the result is the fall of more than 400 victims in less than a week... Their ignorance make them like robots with remote controls, just press the button and they go off burning, killing, bombing and kidnapping, tarnishing the image of their religion and then run to the streets asking why the world sees them as terrorists.

Moreover, unfortunately, unlike the voices of the extremists, the voices of other true Muslims go and vanish with no echoes (and from now on I am not using the word "moderate" for Muslims as moderate Muslims are just the ones, they do not represent the moderate image of their religion, but the true one). A rally in London against terrorism held by 10000 Muslim that almost blocked Piccadilly went loud chanting against terrorism, Bin Laden and Wahabis. However, no one noticed, rarely someone commented... Their calls practically went astray.

Still the voices of true Muslims should go louder than the bangs of bombs and sounds of bullets, as only their voices that will reform other Muslims and tell the truth about the religion.

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