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Monday, March 06, 2006 

We are all traitors!

According to the radical criteria of judging political actions, we are all traitors. To the radicals if a Muslim co-operates with those who oppress, or even have conflict with, other Muslims then it is an act of treason. Applying the criteria to today's situation I found myself concluding to the following:
  1. Fatah negotiated with Israel; Israel kills Palestinians, then Fatah are traitors.
  2. Egypt deals with Israel; Israel kills fellow Arabs and Muslims. Then Egyptians are traitors.
  3. Emirates Airlines sells Israel ad-boards in London; Israel kills fellow Arabs and Muslims, then Emirates are traitors.
  4. Hamas shakes hands with Russia; Russians killed thousands of Muslims in Chechnya, Hamas are traitors.
  5. Iran co-operates with Russia; Russians killed thousands of Muslims in Chechnya, Iran are traitors.
  6. Palestinians used to received aids from Danes; Danes offended Muslims, Palestinians are traitors.
  7. Bin Laden asks America for truce, America supports Israel, Israel kills Arabs and Muslims, Bin Laden is a traitor.
And the list goes longer the more you search.

The conclusion is: WE ARE ALL TRAITORS... But if we are all traitors, then against whom do we commit this act of treason???

The thoughts up there are the product of the radicals' criteria on judging people's actions and deeds. Criteria that put Emirates Airlines, Egypt, Palestinian people, Hamas, Fatah and Bin Laden all on equal feet. Doesn't it show how stupid they are?

Do you suppose if we apologized and promised to be good they'd forgive us?

Correction: Israel negotiated with Fatah while Fatah kills Israeli civilians.

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