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Monday, April 24, 2006 

Dahab is not the end!

An injured in Dahab!
Three apparent bomb blasts ripped through Egypt's Red Sea resort of Dahab on Monday, killing 30 people and wounding more than 100, rescue officials said. Reuters
It is not going to an end, never an end, but still more to come; reasons are clear: if you have a minister who is maintaining his position just because he knows well how to kick the opposition's ass, expect more to come. I really wonder, if we live under the Emergency Law which gives a policeman the right to arrest anyone just because he thinks he looks nasty, and still we suffer bombings by some fanatic maniacs every now and then... What does this tell about our police force and organization??? I wonder if the police are just so savage when it comes to protestors demonstrating against the regime, why can't they be strong enough to prevent such explosions?? The last year we suffered a Sharm El Sheikh explosion, and this year Dahab, and seems like the minister is not going to wake up till some kinda bomb rocks his own seat.

Now the talking would be "See, we need the Emergency Law", and "See, we have the Emergency Law on and still we suffer the brainfarts of those fanatic maniacs who attack our resorts every now and then". The most stupid thing is that the talking has started already as if they were waiting for the explosions to take place in order to curse the lack of security caused by the headache the opposition causes.

Now the real question is:
  • How strong is our police force in front of foreign threats? Or do we have the police just to kick the opposition's ass and throw in jail people like Nour?
  • Where were the police when the churches were attacked?
  • Where were the police when the bombs were set in Taba, Sharm and now Dahab?
Answer these questions if you are against what I say, and you will know where the pain comes from. Till we get rid of the pain, let our blood be spilt!

Whisper: To El Adly, still you brag about breaking the infamous terrorist ring, the ring that we even couldn't see how its members look like or how they were arrested?? Brag more about Dahab!

Just trying to let everyone know who knew he was going to that area that BIG PHARAOH IS ALIVE AND WELL. This is tragedy enough, but at least an important voice has not been silenced.

IAm soo sorry, i cant say more.

Sorry for Egypt's problems Jimmy.

If it makes you feel better, blame it on us Americans, or even us Texans.

Everybody else does...well except those that blame...

The Jews.

Health and safe times to you and yours.

Papa Ray
West Texas

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