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Tuesday, March 21, 2006 

Afraid of a black suitcase (true story)

Just 30 minutes ago, I went into the subway to get home. Inside the train, on the ground, I see a big black suitcase that had broken zippers. For a moment, I had this cold shiver behind my neck as I wondered "is it a bomb?". I found myself looking at the faces of the other commuters in the train: the two lovers chatting and smiling near the door, the young men joking over there, the old man just a step away from me and that kid holding her mother's hand next to the window. I wondered if it was a bomb, and it was going to blow off... What did these people do to lose their lives so suddenly? What guilt did they commit to deserve death in a subway train?

I look at the suitcase again that had no owner, left alone near the left door of the train. Then I push it with my foot... I don't know why I did this...

The old man next to me was looking at me, I turned to him and asked "whose suitcase is this?"... He answered slowly " A short man with a glasses left it here I think!"
I replied "Left it here? Do they leave suitcases in the metro these days?"
The old man smiled and said "It could be a bomb, let it blow"
I laughed and answered "Oh yeah, let it blow... We deserve to die, right?"
The old man smiled and answered after a while "Most of these people in the train have no problem reading about victims of terrorism in Iraq or anywhere around the world and then say 'They deserve it' "
I answered "So?"
The man replied quickly "This is a subtle support of terrorism, and if what you support is killing you, then you deserve it... Let it blow"
I smiled at him and said "Very true! Let it blow"

Fortunately, I reached my station before I know what this black suitcase contains. And I am still reading the news waiting for the bomb to blow.

I clicked over here from Enzo's site, Hidden Truths. He is a great fan and friend of mine in the blogosphere. Your site looks like mine. Seriously, it looks EXACTLY like mine. Go to Right Truth and see what I mean. http://www.righttruth.typepad.com

Nice post also. Your dream for the world is much like mine, and Enzo's.

:) thanks god that you are alive till now and you wrote this post :)

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