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Tuesday, April 25, 2006 

That's what they are good at!

Judge Mohammed Hamza in hospital after being savagely beaten police soldiers! (Al Masry Al Yom)
Egyptian police have broken up a pro-reform protest at the Judges' Syndicate in Cairo, beating one senior judge and detaining 15 protesters.
Fifty judges have been holding a sit-in at their headquarters to protest against the prosecution of two of their colleagues by the government.
Police moved against demonstrators overnight and struck a judge who came out to defend them, witnesses said. BBC News
Oh yeah, that's what the police are good at: prosecuting, attacking and humiliating each and every person who dares to call for reform. Yet, when it comes to real tough work like preventing a terrorist attack on the Egyptian soil all we see is the Minister of Interior Affairs dumb face on TV assuring that they are doing their best to track down the attackers. Well, what about those who lost their lives already?? Oh yeah, let them rest in peace, the man was so busy inventing new methods for kicking the opposition's ass.

Anyway, what happened to the judges is nothing new, they have attacked and beaten university professors in campus before. I was not surprised to read this:
"I told them I was a judge, a head of a court, whack, they hit me," he said. "To my surprise they took my trousers off!" BBC News
Police officers assaulted my own professor in campus a year ago and tore his shirt, because he parked his car where their boss used to park his car. And you know what, they got away with it!

So our dear judges, you have just joined the ranks: welcome to the club!

Very nice post and blog. It looks like mine, exactly, but I think I have told you this before.

I am in the USA and we grieve with you for your losses and for the terror that you live with.

I've had you blogrolled for a good while, but I am just getting my feedreader set up and adding you right now.

God bless you and keep you safe from Terror.

It's about friggin' time somebody overthrew this government. Every single part of it.

And the way things are going on, it might not be to far off..

Great post by the way :-)

How awful!! The thugs are so bold that they even attack judges!! :-O


What's funny is that the thugs are the police... believe me no difference... The police uses thugs sometimes... but not against terrorists, against those who dare to say No to the regime...

believe or not
I think this act is in the favor of the judges

Excellent, love it!

Enjoyed a lot! » »

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