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Thursday, July 13, 2006 

Initial thoughts... Stupidity versus Might

It reminds me of a story I used to be told when I was a kid. There was a very thin weak guy who always thought he was the strongest on Earth. He was so stupid and narrow-minded that he thought that he never imagined that there may be anything in the world that would go against his will or calcualtions. One day that guy snatched a hair from a very big man's leg. The big man had a big family that aids him. So the other day, that big guy and all his family, attacked the weak thin guy and destroyed every single part of his house. And he lost the only shelter he could ever have in the world, his home.

I never thought I would see this story come true.

Hizboullah kidnap two Israeli soldiers accross the border.
Israel answers back with raids and air strikes.

1- Hizbollah kills two Israelis
2- 46 Lebanese lost their lives... And the country is on fire.

God bless my mother who told me that story.

That is a good general characterization of the tragic situation and the irrational and irresponsible Israeli overreaction.

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