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Thursday, January 31, 2008 

I am Legend!

"Somebody must have unplugged Egypt's wire from the world's router... I can't log in"....

These were the words of my youngest brother who was trying to log in to the internet last night but his attempts miserably failed... But the little man's chilidish stupid comment as it seems to me was just stating the truth about the situation... Lucky guessing on his side, it seems.

Two of the fiber optic cables supporting Egypt and most of the Middle East with access to the world wide web were 'cut off'... I don't know how that is possible...

What I know is that I have spent 2 hours to log in to blogger... And 3 hours to see my email... And I could finally find out that the number of emails that I receive daily has dramatically decreased since most of the Egyptians are staying in the company of TVs until a futher notice.

I managed to sign in to my MSN... I think I gotta send my ISP a thanks letter for now, and then ask them for compensation as soon as the crisis is over. The surprise is, no one is online.... Egyptians with no connection and other people are busy doing other things (time difference)....

I am the only Egyptian online... I am Legend!

(Apologies to Will Smith)

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They said it was a ship's anchor:


You have my sympathy :)

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