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Sunday, January 27, 2008 

Hamas's invasion plan is revealed!

In Al Gomhuria Newspaper's Saturday January 26th issue Mohamed Ali Ibrahim writes what supports what I have previously stated here in the last post. In other words, I was not being a hardliner as many thought. I could find the same point at Sandmonkey's, that is to say, if someone is being blinded to see the truth, they are those who can't see beyond their nose tips.

In brief:

  1. The day Israel announced plans to set a blockade on Gaza, Hamas were planning to invade Egyptian borders.
  2. First, they coordinated with Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt to take it to the streets to put pressure on the Egyptian government. An action that the government could abort and arrested many Muslim Brotherhood members.
  3. Then, Hamas uses explosives and a bulldozer to flatten the border fence. Putting women in the front as the first to pass into Egypt. They know Egyptians would not stop women who are seeking food and supplies for their children. (Al Gomhuria same issue)
  4. There were plans to kidnap Egyptian soldiers and take them into Gaza to put pressure on the Egyptian government to press on Israel to relieve the blockade. (Al Gomhuria same issue)
  5. Under any circumstances, Egyptians will not use force to stop the people flowing into their country to not to cause a public relations crisis. Thus, if things started to tighten up, Hamas militants would shoot and use the same stones they used to hit the Israelis with against Egyptian soldiers. Result: Egyptians will pull back.

The result is clear. It was a well prepared plan that is still in action. The Palestinians who are supposedly in Egypt to find supplies for their families in Gaza are like these ones:

One Palestinian bought a camel in the Egyptian coastal town of el-Arish for his wedding day and rode it all the way home to Gaza City, a distance of more than 80 km (50 miles).

Another one:

"I bought a motorcycle, cigarettes, biscuits, corn chips, cheese and a small generator. I think they can close the border now," said 38-year-old Saeed al-Helo after crossing back into Gaza. "I think Gaza has enough food supplies for a month."

That was from Al Jazeera, and on BBC:

...The Palestinians of Gaza will continue to move freely across the border, to shop and meet old friends and family. Some are even using the opportunity to leave Gaza altogether.

This post is dedicated to those who called me a maniac, blinded, crazy, super-traitor and stupid. Back at you. This video shows the situation now:

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