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Saturday, January 26, 2008 

The Invasion of Egypt

Definition of the noun 'invasion' in dictionary is: The act of invading, especially the entrance of an armed force into a territory. (American Heritage Dictionary)

Being interested in linguistics and looking at what happens in Sinai now, I congratulate my fellow Egyptian citizens: WE HAVE BEEN PRACTICALLY INVADED. I know what I am going to write here now may seem odd, unpatriotic and an act of treason by many, however, being an Egyptian in love with his country I find myself repeating it again: we have been invaded.

When the Israelis started the blockade on Gaza, I knew something very wrong is going to happen. I knew the Palestinians will do something about it, and I had that feeling that something so bogus is going to take place. As the embargo continued, Egyptians started circulating text messages urging people to help the people in Gaza who are suffering under the blockade. We did not know that we are wasting our money over people who are simply going to invade our borders 3 days later.

Hamas simply allowed its militants to destroy the border fence with Egypt so Palestinians can cross into Egypt and get what they needed.


They destroyed the fence, made many holes and half of Gaza's 1.5 million citizen (UN estimation) passed to Egypt in 3 days. Almost every city in Sinai has some Palestinian cowards wandering through its streets. Yes, I say it again, PALESTINIAN COWARDS.

This is how Hamas runs its policy: thuggery. Instead of initiating emergency talks with Egypt to allow a systematized legal aid mission get in process, they put their Kevlar vests on, drive a bulldozer, launch some RPGs, and they are in Sinai after breaking the fence. So politically, the Egyptian government have to make a choice:
  1. Shoot Hamas militants and terrorize the Palestinian civilians BREACHING through our borders.
  2. Welcome them in, and with them a happy stay in Egypt.
The Egyptian government preferred the second choice as the first would mean that Egypt has betrayed the Arabs and turned to be the other arm of Israel and all this kind of shit the Arabs were going to spit at us. However, the government just tried to put everything under control and contain the crisis politically. That was smart by the government, for once.

And this morning, I saw Egyptians walking in demonstrations, down my home in Cairo, supporting Mubarak.

Late at night, I read the latest news from Sinai. The Palestinian militants have fired at Egyptian policemen near the borders when the policemen were trying to control the movement near the border's fence. Fuck our police, the militants want to move freely - God damn it - we should mind our business, right? Several policemen and soldiers were injured and we did not return fire.

Now I am finding myself crazy with questions that find no answer:
  • Hamas, you bitches, you have RPGs, bulldozers and AKs to shoot our border fence and injure our soldiers. Why don't you just direct it to the other side, at the Israelis, you motherfuckers? Or is it just because you know if they do so, the Israelis will kick your asses so hard and you are just brave enough to shoot your fellow Palestinians and Egyptians? Do you really think Egypt is you fucking daddy's backyard where you can show off your pathetic muscles, protected by the stupid mentality of Arab and Egyptian fools that would consider Egyptians as traitors if they fired back at you?
  • Egyptians, how long you are going to be the stupid fools who cheer everything even the invasion of their own country by a group of militant thugs just because it seems to be against Israel? For how long time are you going to be the fools who go out in demonstrations for the rights of others, but never asking for your own rights? When are you going to understand that you are getting killed for the people who don't care less about your lives?
Conclusion: Palestinians invaded Egypt's Sinai, Egyptians are happy. And we are humiliated in front of the whole world since we are a country that cannot protect its borders. Period.

Read this on BBC Egyptians retreat from Gaza fence. Yes, RETREAT, we have been INVADED and we RETREATED. Gaza is almost empty of Palestinians now. Israelis should re-invade Gaza now. And dance in happiness, my fellow countrymen.

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