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Wednesday, July 19, 2006 

Interesting Conversations

My friend: Are u concerned about Israeli civilians?
Me: I am calculating the cost on the two sides
My friend: A little correction: Israel holds no civilians, all of the Israeli 'society' are actually 'gonoud e7teyat' (Arabic word for reservists) and they are summoned in case of war.
Me: Then I am not a civilian, because in my current status the Egyptian government has the right to call me to arms anytime, does this justify any act of violence against me by a foreign threat?
My friend: We didn't rape any one's land and build our houses forcibly on it! We're not occupiers, they are!

I had this interesting conversation with one of my closest friends that may kill me for publishing it in here. But it really symbolizes the current situation on the cultural level on both sides: the Arabs and their supporters and the Israelis and their supporters. In here most of us view any attack on Israel as a heroic act of resistance, be it against civilians or not.

Now look at this one:

Me: You know I heard that the Rabbis Supreme Council in Jerusalem urged the Israeli government to kill civilians in Lebanon and Gaza. It was on the national radio station here... If it is true, doesn't it mean that Rabbis who stand for Judaism are instigating terrorism.
Reader: This is no terrorism, it is a war against terrorism. They are terrorists and they had our soldiers killed. They are paying for what they did. This doesn't have to do with Judaism so do not relate it to terrorism.
Me: To be true, to me killing of civilians is an act of terror, like it or not, but that is what it is. Those civilians killed and attacked in Lebanon have not crossed the borders to kill your soldiers. Now considering the fact that killing of civilians is an act of terror, then instigating the killing of innocent civilians is supporting an act of terror. That's why I find it crystal clear that what the Supreme Council came out with is pure instigation of terrorism.
Reader: There are not innocent civilians there, this is to start with. They support terrorists, then they are one....
Me: Back at you!

Although the piece of news that I was discussing with Dan (if it was your real name, Dan) is not confirmed as I found no source for it on BBC, CNN, Reuters or any trusted news source. Dan emphasized that it is totally true. The fact that he did not deny, but even supported it just completed the missing part of the image. The Israelis do not see civilians in Lebanon, all terrorist. Looking at my friend and Dan, I find myself looking at two people standing face to face as if they are looking into a mirror.

My friend...

Civilians are civilians.

I think we all suffer from double-standards, don't we?

No Jimmy,I'm not gonna kill u,because I'm proud of my opinion.In fact,I would have posted my opinion in here if we hadn't talked about it.Civilians are civilians,when they ARE civilians.The Israelis should not expect to feel safe so long as they are living among the ruins of a country that is not theirs.

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