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Thursday, September 21, 2006 

The comedy of a job ad

Today at work, my canadian colleague, Kent, almost jumped from his seat in surprise while reading a magazine. I did not know what was wrong. In a second, I found him handing me the magazine and said: "Jimmy, can you understand what the following sentence means:
A highly competitive remuneration will be commensurate with qualifications and experience."

My reply was "What the fuck... what does that mean?"
We took the magazine and went to our manager, Adam, who is American. Adam read the sentence, and being very practical nice guy, he opened Google and searched for the meaning of remuneration. Finally we could guess what the sentence mean:
A highly competitive salary that matches qualifications and experience will be offered.

The very comic part is, it is a job ad by an Egyptian company that needs EGYPTIAN finance manager for a vacant position (I thought they wanted a linguist before I continue reading the ad). Two native English speakers, who are very lingually very strong could not comprehend the meaning of the sentence that is actually directed to Egyptians.

Egyptian companies apply the rule: "Use complicated words, get more respect" and no applicants.

So why was it even in English?

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