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Monday, July 31, 2006 

Take a step forward!

I have received this message in my inbox. It is for everyone that wants to support the innocent civilians that are suffering from this war in which terrorism is a main theme approved by the whole world. Read this:

Here is the least we can do to support the Lebanese people, I know
what u must be thinking how do I know this is really gonna reach them. Well, the
answer is this information is right from the Lebanese embassy in Cairo; and
this is their phone number: you can call them to check for yourself:
02 738 2823

Money donations are on account number: 156 156 6002 (Bank

If you want to help by sending clothes, food, blankets or
medicine donations plz contact:
Egyptian Lebanese Friendship Association (gam3eyat el sadaka al masreya al

Phone number: 726 9612

If u are in another country other than Egypt, contact the Lebanese embassy
in ur country and ask where do they accept donations.

Please spread the word.

P.S.: Some would say why don't I call for donations for the Israeli victims as well... I think America's support is well enough.

Then Iranian and Syrian support for Lebanon and hizbollah should be enough for them as well.

Arab governments have pledged 10s of millions of dollars and Iran gives Hizb 100mil per year. That should be enough to fund the slaughtering of innocents, shouldn't it.

Regally Jimmy. You need to get over your Arab inferiority problem. The "poor little us" nobody cares.

Maybe you should start calling youself Jim. That would be a good first step to maturity.

If only Iran gave Lebanon some funds for public bomb shelters instead of just missiles and hospitals.

Sadly only one of your other commenters has bothered to disclose their name. With respect, many of them seem to fail to distinguish between an organisation and a government democratically representing the people of Lebanon - the latter needs all the help it can get, no thanks to our Prime Minister (Stephen Harper) and a number of other world leaders who literally fiddled while Beirut burned.

I have sent money to the Lebanese Embassy in Canada. While I'm not sure how much good $50 will do, I remember being told in past aid appeals than $30 will feed a family with basic provisions for a week or two, so I hope that it goes to the truly destitute.

Thank you also for the George Galloway interview - I have the same perspective as you (not normally a supporter but he was very impressive.)

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