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Saturday, July 22, 2006 

Let's defend the north X3

It is really funny when you find people throwing predictions here and there and braging about the fact that they "believe Israel is going to re-occupy Lebanon" or "think the Israeli reaction is not spontanuous"...

Take a look back at history... it just repeats itself...

1978: Operation Litani
Israel is bombing everywhere in Lebanon. Civilians and civil infrasturcture was targetted and faced real destrcution. Israel believed there are terrorist infrastructure in Lebanon that they intend to destroy. Then they bomb everywhere in the South to drive out citizens (as they claim). Then they moved with their army 20 miles into Lebanon without facing any resistance. Lebanese civilians flee North. United States backs Israel.

1980: Defend North Israel
The same scenario is repeated as the Israeli leader this time say they are defending north Israel from the terrorist PLO.

2006: Self-defence
You all know the story... and looking back at history, you would know what is to come.

  • The first US naval piece to reach the area around Lebanon has just arrived days ago since 1983. Oh... bad old days.

NOW: Do you really think they are defending themselves?

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