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Saturday, July 22, 2006 

I want you to see it in 1,2...3

I wanted to see the situation from a different perspective, a different point of view:

1- Resistance is the result of a foreign occupation of one nation to another. For example, if the imaginary country of Lapontana occupied all/part of the lands of the other imaginary country Shakonga, the Shakongians have a natural right to resist and fight for freedom; and such a right is globally approved.

However, there are rules that the Shakongians (the occupied) need to take into consideration: they have to attack or fight the Lapontanian army only, and never attack Lapontanian citizens. Moreover, all what the Shakongians do for the sake of resistance that does not fall under the war crimes category is a pure act of approved resistance.

2- Any organized attack against civilians by a group of people with intention of terrorizing or destruction is a pure act of terrorism. Can you argue about that?

3- A look back at the situation:
  • Israel occupies part of Lebanon to the moment (Shabaa Farms in the south). This gives the Lebanese the right to resist, correct?
  • Hizbullah attacked Israeli troops, kidnapped two. (They did not attack civilians in here) Isn't it a pure resistance if considered under the previously stated point?
  • Israel considered it an act of war, as Hizbullah crossed into the Israeli borders to carry out their operation. Well, isn't occupying someone's land is an act of war itself that deserves resistance?
  • The Israeli reaction was to attack civilian targets in the South and Beirut... What do you call this under point number two?

The question is: If we consider Hizbullah and Hamas as terrorist groups because they attack civilians, why don't you apply the same to Israel at this very moment?

Parts of Lebanon that are still under occupation:
Israel still occupies many parts of the Lebanese territories. One of these areas includes part of the Wazzani river, a small river that runs along the border, from which the Zionists are openly pumping the water toward their colonies south of the border. Other Lebanese areas still occupied by the Israelis are the Shebaa Farms, in which they have planned to build a settlement for the Ethiopian Jews, called Falasha Moro.

While Israel admits that the Shebaa Farms had been "stolen/captured" by force since 1967, it argues that they belong to Syria. Syrian government informed the United Nations on many occasions that these farms are Lebanese. But nothing changed.

What do you think?

Unfortunately the Zionist-controlled media of the US leaves out absolutely everything that's remotely against Israel, portraying it as the scared little oh-so-innocent country that has to fight for its existence against these "ruthless terrorists."


Shebaa Farm was never a part of Lebanon. Even if it was, Israel won it from the Six Day War. So go the spoils of war.

loool, Job... The spoils of war never include lands.

It is only in ur logic that it does if it does.

To the rational world it is not.

Hmm, Tell that to Mexico, the U.K. Russia, and Germany. Don't be obtuse.

No I tell it to you. In here if you occupy a land you have to let it go or u will suffer as long as life goes.

UK occupied Egypt from 1882... They lost it in 1956.

Shabaa is Lebanese, and a right of Lebanon.. So resistance is rightful as it goes.

You arabs sure are sore losers. Why not strive to live in peace, propser, and worship you God as you see fit. Israel is never going away. Why keep fooling yourselves that they are???

Job, there's a difference between an Israel that's never going away and that accepts the borders of 1967, and an Israel that's never going away and keeps on expanding, occupying land, throwing out the rightful land owners and killing civilians in the process.

The former Israel should stay. The latter however is asking for trouble.

Your hypothesis is wrong. The only map that showed Shebaa Farms as Lebanon property was on a forged one submitted by Lebanon to the United Nations. Furthermore, why should they go to the 1967 borders. The arabs decided to go to war, and you lost. The consequence was to lose some of your land. Arabs do not understand the consequences of losing war.

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