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Sunday, July 23, 2006 

Comments on BBC

I read some comments on BBC News that are truly smart and non-biased. I thought I should show them here:

"Can anybody imagine an ordinary Iranian watching this slaughter of Lebanese and Palestinian civilians (with open approval from Bush and Blair), not thinking, "My country definitely needs nukes to defend itself now."

Clearly, if the Lebanese and Palestinians had possessed nukes and so were in a position to defend themselves from the Israeli military, their citizens would not be dying in droves now.

Nuclear non-proliferation is a good idea only so long as you can defend yourself otherwise."
- John, Hemel Hempstead

"Why are Israeli neighbours keeping so quiet about what is happening in Lebanon? I find it hard to believe they can't flex their well "oiled" muscles to put pressure onto well placed trading partners of Israel . This is surely the fastest way of making Israeli leaders sit up & take notice of the what most of the other world countries think,with the exception of a few.
Perhaps media in the UK are keeping quiet about what other middle-easten countries leaders are saying about the crisis."
- John Richardson, Reading, United Kingdom

"Two wrongs do not make a right. Insisting on collective responsibility and then inflicting collective punishment seems to be the stock-in-trade of Israel. This is illegal under international law and it is to the shame of the US that they unquestioningly support it.

Thus, Palestinian families have their homes bulldozed if one of their members is involved in any kind of incident. Entire neighbourhoods are flattened. And a nation has its infrastructure destroyed. All in the name of self defence!"
- Patrick Pooler, Brighton

"So Israel is defending itself by bombing cities and killing civilians because two soldiers were kidnapped. Is that self-defence? Lets look at it another way. If a family member were kidnapped and that family knew where the kidnapper's family lived, would that give them the right to bomb their house and kill people in that house. Is that self-defence? if so. I would like to see that stand up in a court of law as self-defence"
- Graham Belton, Puebla, Mexico

"I don't know why soem people are appset about three Israeli soldiers being kidnapped. Are soldiers supposed to be having fun nad going to movies? Those people should uppset about more than 10,000 Arab kidnapped by Israeli troops most of whom are civilians and are below 18 years of age in addition to more than 100 women."
- Anas Maleh
Can you answer them?

Answer that? Never. They hit the nail right on the head.

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