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Thursday, July 27, 2006 

Hello Sir, we gonna blow up ur home!

The following story is not my imagination, it is true. A new tactic that is widely used.

Place: A house
Time: Midnight

Phone ringing, you go and pick up...

You: "Hello"
IDF: "This is the IDF speaking"
You: "What??"
IDF: "We are informing you that we are going to blow up your house in an hour."
You: "WHAT??"
IDF: "You should take all your belongings and leave before we strike"
You: "Hey, we are a family here, we have handicaped and children... Please,.."
IDF: "Thank you for your co-operation"

Click... (call is over)

After 15 minutes, your house receives a laser-targetted missile and collapses.

You: "Damn Israeli liers, they said in an hour"

Comment soon...

this is hamas
faction #2 of organizaztion you just signed hudna with
faction #5 after hudna w/ conference of factions 1-4b,c,and d has been negotiated.

We are firing missiles at you because you exist. We will eventually kill all of you, but we may occasionally pause for tactical reasons, bribes or if we are busy killing kufar who thought that converting (blacks in Sudan) would number them amongst population guarranteed peace.
Submit and die.
Or just die.
P.S. If you leave, we will follow you to the ends of the earth, for God has given it all to us as spoils as quickly as we can take it.

P.P.S. The very rocks and trees will assist us in killing you.


LMAO at Anonymous. Too True. The arabs seem to forget they are firing hundreds of rockets a day on purely civilian targets.

anonymous - you stole my thunder.

These "oh look at us we're so poor and innocent" posts make me laugh.

Hello, aren't these the same arabs who are firing missiles full of ball bearings into civilian neighborhoods? Oh, i forgot it's not them. it's the "military wing".

Would anyone of you please.. PLEASE put yourself in the position of anybody who has nothing to do with any damn rockets and gets such a call?

How you fail to see how horrible that is, is beyond me.

Mr. Anounymous, please don't start the "who started this" game, because you know that Israel is the one who started that shit from the beginning, a long time ago in 1940's.

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