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Saturday, January 06, 2007 

Umm... Questions

In light of Mubarak's statement about Egypt's intentions to produce nukes if Iran does, the following questions popped up suddenly, please try to answer:
  1. Was Gamal Mubarak's secret visit to the White House an early coordination with the American side about Egypt's role in pressing on Iran?
  2. A few days ago Abul Gheit, Egypt Minister of Foreign Affairs, asked Iran to take steps to normalize relationships with Egypt. Then, Mubarak hints about Egypt producing nukes if Iran does... Is it the American stick and carrot policy?
  3. Israel is giving the deaf-ear-blind-eye to the Irani nuclear problem's developments... Is it the silence that precedes the storm?
  4. Egypt has just allowed the US Virginia to pass through the Suez Canal to the Gulf. America used to do this when they were about to strike Iraq... Now who is next?
I am going crazy :S.

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I am not so good in politics but I guess it is a well-organized plan against Iran done with an order that was presented in the way you ordered your questions coincidently:
1- Gamal went to the White House to be informed by the plan that he had to follow showing obedience and loyalty.
2- Egypt gives the USA a very good reason to stop Iran because all other countries would imitate it and this would threaten the national security of the USA.
3- Israel would watch until it's time to assist the USA with its media propaganda and technological army equipments.
4- The USA begins its first move towards Iran.
The end could be predicted through what is going on in Iraq and who knows who is next.

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